Mocap to custom Character rig


Hi Everyone.

I’m new to the whole Mocap process and I’m not a techincal artist by any means so as much detailed help that I can get on this the better.

Basically I’ve got some mocap data that was captured using Ikinema Orion and Vive trackers. The Skeleton comes into Maya using FBX and it looks fine.

But I’ve tried transferring this data to Adobe Fuse rig using HIK in Maya and it goes wrong. The hips and head seem to follow ok but the arms seem to get messed up, which I think could be the pole vectors and the feet don’t seem to move at all even though I think I’ve paired them to HIK correctly.

Basically what is the best process to transfer the skeleton info to a rigged character so that I can carry one animating on top of the information from the mocap. I see that Ikinema do a piece of software called Webanimate that allows the transfer of data from the mocap to a character but it only transers onto the skeleton of the rigged characters and not the controls.

If someone could show me a step by step process that would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



Hi Peteb,
we have a free script that you can use to setup a custom rig to take mocap.

cheers Craig.