Mocap system recommendations


Has anyone had any good recent experiences with Mocap systems or any they would recommend? is looking interesting but I’d love to see and hear recommendations from you guys.

In our experience, cleaning up the data, especially the feet, tend to be a major source of frustration.



I have an early Neuron Mocap V1 suit and it served me well over the years. The new models seem much better but at the time it was groundbreaking for me and the price was unbeatable at under $1500 for full body capture with finger tracking (32 sensors).

Compared to newer versions (Pro/studio) or the shadow suit you mentionned, it doesn’t have special shoe contact sensors or external hybrid camera systems, so running or climbing stairs or ladder always needs some manual work, and external props is very limited.

It’s sometimes a bit wonky, but it get the job done. Even if it means 2 hours of clean-up for 2 minutes of mocap, it beats 1 week of hand work for a few seconds of animation.

The only comparable alternatives at the time was the Rockocko suit.
XSense seems to still be the king of inertial mocap suits, but their price is still out of my range for my use.

The shadow suit samples look very good, especially the climbing ones, but it doesn’t seem to offer any kind of finger tracking.

If you get a quote on them, I’d still be interested to know how much they are.

For motion editing I mostly use Iclone (I don’t have R23 yet, so until now any kind of retargeting in C4D was impossible). It shares a lot of Motionbuilder functionalities (including HumanIK) plus some nifty little tools of its own (despîte a rather clunky interface at times).


thanks Eric, we’ll look into that.


Rokoko released a C4D plugin yesterday:


Ah, cool, we’d been looking at Rokoko, good to know it’s even easier to use in future.


Very cool plugin… I also like that they offer body, face and hands in the same package and plugin.

The new retargeting in R23 looks to be working well, which is a game changer for mocap.

Now isn’t really the time for me to invest in a whole new system, so I’ll stick with my old neuron suit and Iclone, but C4D is becoming again a very interesting proposition.

C4D Non linear editor + Pivot system does work well for chaining motion clips when you get used to it (It’s not as intuitive at first as the HumanIK system in Mobu or Iclone where you can say “Align left foot” or “Align Hip”, but it’s very flexible so that you can align anything you want to anything you want that way).

I just wonder if/how you can make IK adjustment on top the FK mocap clips… in the new system.


If you want to drive your character by IK but use MoCap as primary source, you can use a shadow skeleton that is used as target for the retargeting, and drives IK goals for the actual skeleton. These goals can then be blended with manual goals or even with FK on the actual skeleton.