Mocap solution for C4D coming soon?


It’s in German, i someone would care to translate the major points?


Good find.


sorry for not posting here about it earlier, but we are still preparing the release for early next year. It will be a sensor based Motion Capture solution, using regular WiFi for sending the data to CINEMA 4D.
The sensors include rechargeable battery packs that last about 5 to 6 hours and RAM to record motions even if the WiFi connection breaks down or is busy for a while.
Additional, much smaller sensors can be attached as well, that can be used for hands, feet and the head. We also plan to use pressure sensors for the feet, to avoid food sliding, that can happen with other camera based and sensor based mocap.
A C4D plugin is included to attach the received data to any object or parameter. This way you can control any parameter by the sensors. Even interactive presentations should be possible. I am still thinking about a plugin add on just for this, but traditional MoCap was our first focus.
The received data is recorded within a new C4D timeline as a curve, so no keys are created first. The animation is still in global quartenions in this state, so it can be saved and reused with other rigs (very easy re-targeting). Of course animations can also be baked.
There is also a new key reducer included, that is quite clever to minimize the amount of keys without resulting in noticeable changes of the animation. This will be a separate product as well.
It will be a highly modular system, so you will be able to start with just one sensor and add more later. Prices of sensor based systems are never cheap, but this system will be comparable (and in some aspects better) with high end systems, just for a fraction of their price.
More infos about features and prices will be made available during the first weeks of the new year. Official launch will be in february.
Thank you very much for your interest!
Have a peaceful christmas time and season holidays!


Do I understand correctly that your system wouldn’t need cameras?
Also, will you be selling it online and shipping worldwide?


Very much looking forward to this Arndt.


Quite exciting!


Will keep an eye out for this. Luv me some mocap :beer:

@saigam: I doubt it would work without cameras or some sort of distance/space measuring device.


This sounds a great product, Arndt. Good luck with the development, keep us posted on the progress and I can’t wait to buy it.



yes, correct. No cameras are needed. That’s one of the main advantages of sensors. The lighting conditions doesn’t matter. You can use them indoors and outdoors, as long as there is a WiFi net nearby.


Thank you all for your feedback. I am also quite excited about this product. Several Hard- and Software engineers have been working on this for the past 2 years.
Btw. it will work with Mac OSX and Windows and only C4D Prime is needed for recording the data.


Actually no cameras or additional devices are needed. That’s the main difference between optical and sensoric MoCap solutions. Positions can be interpolated by foot ground contacts. We use separate pressure sensors under the shoes for this. It depends what kind of animation is needed. If you develop for games or just need static animations (someone sitting or working at some machine), the position of the character in space doesn’t matter. Without the ground contact information you will get static walk animations (think of in place walk loops). With the ground contact information, your character will move forward while walking, locking the feet in place and avoiding sliding feet. I will record videos about the process and the pros and cons of sensor based MoCap during the first months of the new year.


How about finger motion tracking?


It would be ace to have a working out-of-the-box FK to IK rig in C4D similar to HumanIK, Ikinema or nevronmotion to deal with retargeting all thosenew mocap files…


Any hint about the price?
If the price is right for me, I’ll be the first in the line as soon as it comes out, this is very exciting. :slight_smile:


Does this differ from the Xsens suits or is this the same thing just more customized for C4D? Also can you do 6dof camera moves with this, or us it limited to body captue only. More info would be great. Keep up the good work


this is a possible option for next product iterations, not for the initial release.
The system is flexible enough to add such options later if requests are coming in.


I can have a look at this. Should be possible, as everything can be accessed through Python, C.O.F.F.E.E. and XPresso even while recording or just playing back the incoming data.


I cannot give you a final price yet, as the production costs of the cases are still to be negotiated. The price of an optimal full body set might be too expensive just for hobby/fun use, but will be much cheaper than already available Pro Systems. Of course it depends also on the amount of data you need. For example a doctor just might be interested in arm or leg movements of his patients. You are always free to start with just a few sensors and add more later. We wanted to make sure to keep the production costs as low as possible without making compromises about the features. I will take care to make the prices available as soon as I can.


yes, XSens has a comparable system, but our price point will be different. Also we differ in some features like external sensors and tried to keep the hardware and software requirements as low as possible. Our systems runs with MacOS and Windows and most of time a simple laptop will do.
As you use C4D to read out the sensors, you can apply their data to any object, parameter channel or Expression setup you like. The MoCap can also be about a horse, a machine or a car, driving down a street. Doesn’t matter. Just absolute position data cannot be captured by sensors. That is a general limitation of all sensor based systems. As long as you don’t need exact object positions in space, sensors are the most flexible option for MoCap, as you can use them on set/on location with no additional infrastructure around (cameras, DOF sensors).
Thanks for your interest! I will try to give more infos as soon as I have something new to show. Hopefully in early January.


if this is working good count me in…looks very promising. do you have any stuff to show already?