Mobilehome, M@lonet (3D), (3D)


Nice work. Very creative. Can’t wait to see some anims.



very impressive…u beat me to the concept …i was planning to make something like this…i mean concept of car …robots

but anyway very nicely executed


great job…

just one thing, how do the wheels move?


just one thing, how do the wheels move?

I would think by looking at it that it’s front-wheel-drive and that they’re individually motored… Maybe some of the wiring isn’t visible here, but that could just be because it’s hidden.

Speaking of “hidden” How come when it’s all folded up, we don’t see the mass of mechanism through the windows? Does it fold up so neatly that a clear view is possible?

The nuts and bolts of this transformer are very impressively thought out. Excellent job! You’ll probably have your own one of these within 20 years…


makes the transformer transforming noise in my head Thats awsome man.


im wondering if that really works, i mean than van can really transform into that robot? thats amazing , really creative and hard work u did! congratulations:thumbsup:

i agree about the reflections in white zones, but thats just a little detail, the rest of the materials u used are very very cool, it just looks real:applause:


awesome design and modeled ! and funny too!!:applause: :thumbsup:


Wow, one of the most inspiring things on here for a while. Renders are beautiful, what software/renderer? Only thing, you could make the little chrome eyelids on the headlights a little more prominent. Probably just the angle, I see them in some renders on one side but not really on the other. Incredible detail, very nice. Would make an awesome toy- if only they still made metal toys.


WOW! I like the idea. And the realization is perfect. :thumbsup:


Rendering and modelling is great. :eek:
Cool concept and well thought off :thumbsup:


wow! now that’s creative. i’m thoroughly impressed.
how long did it take you to figure out the mechanism that makes the thing move? very very nice. :wip:


in other shoot ! ! i promes,in next time, he move on the break
thanks at all 4 your com’s,i’m very flatte…thanks a lots ! !
the next frames is old ,and wip ,but my ik arm bug,i need work a little…i make it with max4,render with the scanline render…
thanks at all



WWOOWW! Awesome robot/ car you’ve created! Brings back the memoried from transformers… :wink:

Realistic and funny! Can’t say anymore than this: :thumbsup:

p.s.: How did you come up with this idea of modeling a transformer car? interesting concept I must say…

I wonder if he can skate downhill? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


this is the coolest tranformer i’ve ever seen at CG talk.
i like the last “water” shot most!!! good job!!



I knew this model, always so funny and the rendering is :buttrock: ! CG Award ? … I think it is worth it !

***** 5 stars *****


refreshingly nice :smiley:


wow man… hard core planning needed for this one i presume


Holy jesus crist



Definately deserves an award!

It’s just so funny. :thumbsup:


TRANSFORMER?! hehe :eek: