Mobilehome, M@lonet (3D), (3D)


Title: Mobilehome, M@lonet (3D)


i’m not for this time an cgtalk’expert,sorry for the double post…:thumbsup:


wow it’s interesting works.

I’m surprise your imagination which is better~!!
I wonder how you render this.


hahahaha thats really a cool idea.

i always thought i could make better transformers if i tried. i guess you had much the same idea.

i’d say the renders look great. concept lighting are all good.



Make an animation of it!:thumbsup:


Damn, man! That’s a really nice eh… thing, you’ve created here! The first and second rendering is very cool. Very detailed work. A wire would be cool!



OMG that sh*t is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Great detail, lighting, design.

Very very original, I love it! :buttrock: :beer:


Originally posted by Phil “Osirus”
Make an animation of it!:thumbsup:

yepp , want to se ít move :wink:


Hahaha that is great! :slight_smile:

Really nice modelling, and the whole thing does look pretty convincing too - nicely done!

The only thing that really bothers me a bit is the red and the white car paint - the reflections are a bit much, in my opinion.

Apart from that I’d say that the tyres could do with some textures (tread), and it would be great to see that last render in an environment :slight_smile:


Now that’s one REALLY mobile home. I would love to see an animation of that thing driving/unfolding/walking


this should be posted in the 1st page ,its really good man great abd crative work …keep it up



Wow, thats awesome, you just have to animate it!


Most inovative thing I have seen for a long time. :thumbsup:


very good work and great way of making this car more than the average car!


this piece really bring back memories. I kinda like the overall clean look which again reminds me of the good old airbrush work. Well done!


wow that is very unique, very intresting and creative.


how i say in spanish:

Esta un berraquera!



Excellent work! I really love that concept :slight_smile:
What software did you use?
Great modeling/rendering job!
Take care,

My last WIP human head


I like this
I use to be a big fan of transformers when I was a kid, I had a whole bunch of them
This brings back some memories
I am still mad I sold all of them way back then.

very nice work.


you ROCK!

:beer: :thumbsup: