Mobile game 100% modeled with silo



Here is the next clip in the series of ‘teasers’ for the PC release… looks like youtube video compression doesnt like red colors, sorry for that



Ubuntu is working! And actually running better than on my windows 7 O_o??


This game is looking fantastic for the PC version. How soon before you’re able to release?


The one level demo is ready and sitting right here in front of me, i’m polishing the “release” (the quotes are to make it look important) version for steam and… letme show you a gif in a moment.


something to wrap things up…


That is F’N Cool! I love it!


i dont know why, but both youtube and vimeo make my videos look really pixelated, maybe its the video format i feed them, well… please check out this collage of almost all the levels and all their respective music
webm video on my server all hand modeled in silo + hand drawn in photoshop


Hey guys, just managed to ‘finish’ the PC version of moto RKD dash and submitted it to Steam Greenlight, please, please check it out and vote!!

Here is the official page (with a demo for windows/ macos/ linux)
Steam Greenlight page

To celebrate the Steam Greenlight submission i’ll make the iOS and Android version FREE on the 1st of april, no joke!!
So stay tuned and please, vote at steam!

Mobile verions
get moto ЯKD dash at iTunes
get moto ЯKD dash at Google Play


Voted and, yes, I voted yes. I love the page.


Man, you’re the man thanks!


The iOS version is free now. Check out
If you have a modern iPad play it there, the experience is as it must be.


A little salute to the guy that made the music of moto RKD dash!


I woke up this morning thinking ‘the percentage to the top 100 is dropping again’ then suddenly i see this. I refreshed the page a couple of times and tried different browsers to make sure im not tripping.
Thanks to you guys! Lets see what happens now.

Reminder: all the graphics in the game are made with silo (even the menus).


Hell yeah! Congratulations, Outburner! That must have been an amazing feeling. What did your wife think of it, or does she understand what this means?


She is extremely happy, yet i doubt she has a real idea of what was involved (even if she was there, kinda watching) :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand:
The day has come! The game is finally out on Windows, MACOS and Linux/STEAM-OS


F’ck Yeah! Silo may be dead (long live Silo!) but this amply proves that it is still a viable development platform despite its age and limitation as only a modeler.

Very exciting, outburner!


Amen brother!


In case you’re up too early in the morning and need to enjoy 10 minutes before going out.


Outburner, I love your graphics work! Do you have a website portfolio? I would love to see more of your art.