Mobile game 100% modeled with silo


OK, not much news about silo (except the arcade machine model), but anyway:

A little bit more tuning done, called moto SP now :stuck_out_tongue: If you already have it, check out the update, we need to stir the Leaderboards a bit.


Thanks guys!


As unique as the big studios!


Outburner, you’ve done it again. That’s beautiful work. To use a more youthful vernacular, “that shit is off the chain, yo”! (or something as incomprehensible as that)


While i was drawing the cover VTEC just kicked in, yo!


My favorite hobby as a teenager, besides video games was collecting video game magazines. I spent countless hours imagining how a game would be just by watching grainy screenshots. Today printed magazines are almost gone and seeing one in real life is very exciting. And even more exciting is seeing my own little game on one of the pages… a game magazine with my game on it? My life is complete now!

Thank you PC Guru guys from Hungary!


Holy bread sticks up Superman’s nose, Batman! That’s F’N awesome!


Yup, as I mentioned in my reply to you (thanks by the way) this is such great work!

Love the retro looking graphics too.



Thanks a lot man!

im ‘modernizing’ the game with IBL.


Hey guys, a little bit of self-promo. I’m preparing an update for September to lessen the pain of the new school year :stuck_out_tongue:
The graphics update (IBL) is for the PC, macOS, steamOS and Linux.

Here is the update info poster.

The Image Based Lighting thing gives deeper colors and overall better look.

Also updated the web page for next week

If you like what you’re seeing and think its worth it, tell your friends and share the word… i’m doing this by myself, nobody else (like, no PR, advertising agencies, press releases, etc) :stuck_out_tongue:

here is the FB and TW if you feel like it.

Thanks a lot!


Check out the latest update i made to moto RKD dash

For the beginning of 2017 we’ve got:

  • Magic marker graphic mode (with colored markers).
  • A very cool NEON mode (you can reach out and touch them glowing lines).
  • 16BIT mega-cd mode (complete with blast processing and an amazing 320X224 high definition graphics).
  • Gamepad rumble!


Thanks for looking!


The IBL images provide a nicer lighting and shading model but they looked a bit too bright and the colors are lessened compared to the standard lighting images. Maybe an increase in contrast or a less bright light value?


Yes a little. You know at first i didn’t like IBL at all, wandering what the big deal was. With time i began to appreciate that the dark/ black areas are now filled with all sorts of colors and it grew on me.
When you see the game moving its not bad at all, its richer and more colorful… and crazy people (like me) love colors.


Colors!? Whatever could you be thinking? Such a thing is a fantasy. I’ll not hear of it!


The IndieGala bundle is up and i’m proud to be there :wink:

Sorry for the shameless promo here, but i’m doing this alone and don’t have better ways.


It’s not a shameless pose when your promoting your business or work. If anything you should promote i heavier! :slight_smile:


Thanks man!


OK, since there is too little info yet, i’m not making a new topic.
After the toy dashboard ‘moto RKD dash’ came out in 1982, the company that created it grew and began making arcade cabinets for entertainment centers in USSR and eastern Europe. In 87 they made this game (name is secret for now), following the footsteps of the western giant SEGA and their Hang-On smash hit!


if the embedded clip dosnt work, try this*

all this is completely fictional as you might have realized, but is a good back story :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: all this might seem pseudo 3D, but its real 3D faking a fake 3D that pretends to be real 3D… the tracks and all the panels are made in silo of course… and the bike/biker used to rotoscope the sprites is all silo as well :smiley:


Very cool. I remember playing games like this.

Weren’t you working on a car game?


Yes i am, but the car project is pretty ambitious (detailed 3D graphics, characters, story), so i’m making this one meanwhile to feel that something is accomplished, instead of questioning the the purpose of what i’m doing with my time/life (at my age of 42).


I made a ‘Physical release’ heheh…