Mobile game 100% modeled with silo


This is a shameless self promo, so forgive me!

Modeled all the graphics in the game, the ingame 3D models as well as all the menu elements with Silo, no other modeling software was used. Textures are all drawn in Photoshop. The game itself is Unity.
Whatever people say about Silo, it still works and it helped me model, complete, publish and sell a mobile game… how cool is that?

Here goes:

The interface is designed for 7+ inchTablets or iPad, but can be played just as well on a phone… just not the same ‘arcade cabinet’ feeling.

do you remember Tomy Turbo Racing Dashboard 1983 and SEGA moto champ 1973? Mix them together with a small drop of Hang-On and you get moto RKD dash.
No DLC, no in game advertising, no in app purchases, just simple and fun game… like old times!

oh… and when the game is beat, a special game is unlocked



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Touch Arcade 4 star review :stuck_out_tongue:

CNET Best of October


Thanks! Silo forever!


Awesome! Great job. Nice to see people making the most of the tools they have.

So were the textures handpainted? I.e., all the shading and highlights were painted in PS without baked maps and the like?



Hey man thanks,
Yes there are lightmaps over the painted textures.


That is bad ass outburner!

I would love to know how you modeled the track in Silo and set up it up in Unity.


Hey thanks makit3D!
What i did was a lot simpler than what you could possibly imagine, i used the exact same mechanic used in the original physical toy:

For later stages that contain changing scenery i modeled various cylinders (‘drums’ as i called them :stuck_out_tongue: ) split in half and changed them when not visible on camera.


That’s gorgeous work, outburner. The reviews are all very positive from writers and users. You can’t ask for more than that (except more customers).

I especially love how you integrated video of the game into a video of an arcade machine with someone playing it. Briliant. Great website, too. Hell, man, you’ve done it all better than most I see that generally only do part of it… Congratulations on the successful release.


I made some cards… that have nothing to do with silo :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, thats actually my son playing it for real on a vertically oriented monitor. I put up some lasers to fake a club or an arcade.


Looks good! Are you going to make a tutorial for creating a motorcycle in Silo? I like to see if you learned a few tricks that would make modeling easier or faster. :thumbsup:


(on both accounts)


I made some wallpapers for the upcoming PC version… these are levels viewed from the side (all silo of course)

right click and open for 1920X1080


It’s gorgeous work, outburner. I’ve begun working on my own project after being inspired by your work. I’ll keep in touch.


Thats the greatest gift i could receive!
Thank you!


And a teaser video for the upcoming PC version.



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The video was very nicely done. It felt too short, though.


Hey thanks man! If you feel teased, then the job is done :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: my PC died, so i’m posting from one i borrowed from friends.


in game screenshots silo(models)+unity(game engine)+photoshop(textures)




F’n Sweet! It’s looking gorgeous!

How did you get that great screen effect on the RUN and EXIT sections on your control panel?


Thanks again, the HUD and all the menus are modelled in 3D (siloooo) and are lit by the scene lighting, plus some lens aberration shader on the game camera.