Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle Trailer


The first full trailer for Miyazaki’s next movie ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ is now online, you can download it form the link on Nausicaa.net

I just love the way the moving castle moves, so sinister and yet funny :wink:


OMG, and we still talk about Disney? The magic has gone East long time ago!


It may only be a trailer, but the sheer beauty of it and the mood it’s portraying moved me to tears. :applause:


Glad someone’s keeping the magic alive :thumbsup: No idea what the story is about, but I love the unique sense of balance in nature, magic and machine, and the main character is a 90 year old lady in that castle? correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

If I’m still a kid, I’d go “Oh! Oh! look at dat moving castle! it’s so kewl!”

Now that I’m older, all I can say is “Oh! Oh! look at that moving castle! it’s so cool!”

And that, is magic.


I think that the story is maybe not taking place just in the castle.
The Miyasaki characters are more older this time.
I smells that the story will even more be emotional.

Above all, Miyasaki has always speak to the heart and to the soul.
Disney has never held the comparison.


In the original novel, whilst a lot of the story takes place inside the moving castle there are many different locations all in the imaginary world of Ingary (which is a bit like a fanciful view of Victorian England).

I agree about the sheer magic in this trailer, even without any character voices (they haven’t been recorded yet) the whole thing is just so enchanting that it just confirms what a master at visual story telling Miyazaki is. I can’t wait to see his interpretation of the scarecrow, the dog and especially the whole scene when they try to catch a falling star.

Shame I’ll have to wait until the R2 dvd release to see it, but it’ll be worth waiting for…


Genius comes from one man’s head, Miyazaki, Walt Disney, Harrihausen… I guess the times we live this is very difficult to do and only few can make their way thru the cinemas as they really want to, thanks God Miyazaki still can make his own.


while im really looking forward to this because i enjoy ghiblis stuff, i think this trailer was really poor. the castle stuff was neat but the rest of the trailer was kinda… eh.

and i wanna say this. STOP BLOODY COMPARING EVERYTHING TO DISNEY!. its getting soo freakin old. does the trailer say anything about disney?!. lets stick to the topic and let disney rest.


while, I’ll admit, I’m a fan of Miyazaki’s work, I’m beginning to see a little too many similarities between the characters of the films. the old granny archetype. the tiny, odd creature with big eyes. the magical/unusual character with neck-long dark hair. I’m sure I’ll love this film, but I hope he really mixes things up for his next flick.

the moving castle looks amazing. a really clever usage of whatever 2d animation package they use.



I’m really a great fan of Miyazaki’s work I’ll have to wait a bit for the Italian edition of this movie, but i’ll wait patiently cause i know already it will be a good one.

About his characters and stereotypes this is true, but like Charlie Chaplin was always quite the same in all his movies, Miyazaki chars represent the whole humanity, the spirits and much more.

It’s the story what’s really inportant.:slight_smile:


ok, its been sort of mentioned, but i honestly thought this was a sequel to Spirited Away… the character similarities is just too much for me… lol

While I don’t mind, it is just weird.


incredible stuff… disney is dead!


well this looks unusual…kind of an anime/magical version of Harold and Maude…Miazaki rules :slight_smile:

and to see the conditions they work in just makes me respect Ghibli even more!!!


Has anyone else read the actual book by Diana Wynne Jones? I got it for my birthday on the 22nd–currently finishing up the sequel, Castle in the Air. I’m looking forward to this, though it looks quite different (and by that I mean a lot) from the book.


The original novel is one of my favourite books, Miyazaki is my favourite director. Needless to say I am very excited about the movie. Though I can see there will many changes, but with Miyazaki at the helm it can only be a wonderful magical movie even if it won’t be the definitive movie of the book…


Miyazaki rocks!


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