Mix20layer problem


Good, I’m doing the tutorial gnomon of sss_fast_skin and at one point asks me to download the shader mix20layer … The issue is not whether the problem is that I do not clarify or does not work in May 2008, but I do the steps tells me the file of information attached and nothing … I get an error in the script editor who puts:

/ / Warning: (Mayatomr.Custom): W: / Autodesk/Maya2008_x64/mentalray/include/mix20layer.mi: could not find shader library / /

If someone can help me or tell me if it really does not work for Mayan 2008 …


Hey man. As far as I know that mix 20 layer isn’t compiled for 64bit. Which sucks for us as it really was a good shader.


fortunately there’s the original mix8layer available for 64bit.



Cool! Your a life saver thanks! I thought I’d never see these compiled for 64bit.


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