Mitsubishi Trucks, Braam Jordaan, Wicked Pixels (3D)


Title: Mitsubishi Trucks
Name: Braam Jordaan, Wicked Pixels
Country: South Africa
Software: combustion, Maya, Photoshop

They are fully computer generated trucks made for a Mitsubishi Print Campaign. It took several weeks to create all four trucks. Any critique regarding modelling and texturing would be appreciated.

Each truck is based on the slogan and they are following:
Bread: How to make your dialy bread.
Denim: Tailored to boost your company’s bottom line
Wooden: Carve operating costs
Bricks: The best way to build a successful business



amazing work , great idea . I like the wooden design . 4 stars


Really good idea and nice models.


Excellent idea and execution! :applause:


I’m just curious, whatfor have you used combustion?!


Excellent work - love them all :thumbsup:


excellent work!Your imagination is great!:smiley:


Wow! Outstanding idea! They all look great! Especially the bread one.
How did you make the individual designs like the bread verson? Were they modeled individually or did you just use fancy shaders and displacements?
The most original car-based post ive seen.

Any chance of a super high res version?


WOW :applause: That’s great! Very original idea indeed. I like the wooden one the most, but they are all great.


outstanding idea! great job!!! :thumbsup:


Good idea, good execution.

And there are so much possibilities. I hope you’ll do some for our pleasure.


fantastic! I love all of these images, i’d love to see a wire. I’m also curious if you used the same model for all of them? Thanks!



Frontpage stuff man, very original idea. :slight_smile:



really nice idea, well done . Good appealing



Wow, now this is an original idea. I loved the bread truck! Great modeling and texturing. Heh, this is one of those times where I go, “I wish I had thought of that”. You get stars from me :slight_smile:


They all look great. Especially the bread. All I can offer is this in terms of crit. On the wood carving, the concept behind it would be more instantly and solidly conveyed if the truck were blocky, a rougher woodcut. The brick one is obviously made out of bricks at first glance, the wood one is kind of confusing because its so smooth, and also it looks like the wood has already been stained and varnished a little bit.


Those are good ideas! I love them. Yeah, what did you do to the renders with Combustion? Color?


I’m so hungry since I’ve seen the one made of bread… :drool:

I like them all, nice idea! (4 stars!)


Amazing work man!!

The concept is completely innovative and the models are excellent.
Very nice, I think you made a great step here and open the minds of all of us!!
“That’s what CG tools are for ;)”

Well done


Hey all,

Firstly, I want to say thanks for all positive feedbacks.

Displacing the meshes for rendering is really time-consuming part, but not just that, I also wanted to do some tweakings after renderings, so using Combustion might be a good idea. Although it increases the workload, we prefer to render in several passes to give us the freedom to make changes without having to render whole again.

Rendered CG elements were brought into compositing for final integration. Color correction, and grain were added to finalize the rendered 3D elements.

Andy H, as the client had given us fairly enough time of production, some elements for each truck were modelled individually to make them look unique. And of course I used the fancy shaders and displacement maps for some elements like the cab.

HenningK, I quite agree. If the execution was not based on the client decision, I would have made it look blocky, a rougher and pre-varnished woodcut. I would have loved to add some heaps of chips around it.

I attached the wireframe versions for each truck. Enjoy!


really intelligent consept,i like it.