mitsubishi eclipse


hi guys
this is my first ever poly car.i never modeled any car with is not finished yet.i have a lot of work to do on it. but here is a little preview of it.hope u guys will give your comments about it thanks
i don’t have my website yet,so i just put it on my profile


hey man you should try to host the pic on the forums, just goto then copy the link and push insert picture


thanks buddy
it really worked .here is a little bigger picture


Nice for a start, but it needs a lot more detail. Did you use blueprints? And if yes, may I ask where did you find them? I’ve been looking for eclipse reference material for while, but didn’t succeed.




thanks antigo,
yes i used blueprints.but those were for only side,front and back views. they were on the folowing site:
hope it will help u.


good start, but antiggo is right. the lack of details in the mesh shows. The car looks very bubbly because your mesh smoother is trying to fill out details that just aren’t there. You need to round down the edges of metal by adding more small polies. see if you can find some wireframes without smoothing to look at. You’ll see the very sharp small polygons in areas with sharp angles and high detail.


thanks pha3z
i will try to fix it.i have been working on it and here is what i have right now.
i know it still need more work,but here is a little update.


nice work! its getting a lot better!

it still looks like a big pillow though :stuck_out_tongue: why is it so bubbly? are you not adding enough edges in the sharper areas of your shapes?

i put together a tutorial for new modelers. its for max users but it still might be useful to you. it might help you fix the problem you’re having. i don’t know.


I’d recommend to seperate the parts physically to elements, means , the door and the engine cover should be seperated elements,
you get the idea.
It’ll make your work much more comfortable to editing, and it will look more realistic, without messing with chamfering and smoothing.


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