Mithra, Priymuk Sergey (3D)


Title: Mithra
Name: Priymuk Sergey
Country: Russia
Software: Maya

Mithra is a Sungod in the Indoiranian mythology. His cult was spread from India to distant frontiers of the Roman Empire
at the begin of the first millenium AD .

As a prototype of the model I used a Roman sculpture from the British Museum and fotographs of the undestroyed reliefs from the walls of Roman Mithra temples imaging the legendary fight of Mithra with the bull.

Progamms used: Maya, ZBrush, MaxwellRender

mesh :


woa really nice modelling…
the only to comment is the face expression the eyes seem a bit strange…
maybe it is the original…
but the overall is really great…
hugs bern

just another question… the shading and the render engine used are?
the image is really good…


Really good modelling, nice job:)


Very nice modeling.
Great job.
i like your work.:slight_smile:

Hamed katebi


exceptional work man … my five stars :thumbsup:


woooow, five stars from me


I… Am… Speechless

this could easily pass for the real thing…

top modeling and unbelievable rendering

5* from me :slight_smile:


WoW! that´s great, Fantastic model, textures, render… I like it :thumbsup:


great work.
very nice modeling.
5 stars!


Respect! 5 stars!


Amazing! the lighting looks so real - you did a great job! 5 stars!


great modeling…but I feel bad for that thing this guy is killing…anyways…how long did this take to render using maxwell??


Very beautifully!


Damn…looks like the real thing. Very impressive render. 5 stars. :slight_smile:


Great work! I love the stone material. Did you use any SSS in it? That dog doesn’t look like it’d be the most useful hunting dog :wink:


the render is very nice!
what bothers me is the lack of detail in the face in comparison to the original - it seems flattened… Still a great job overall!:thumbsup:


…yes, great modeling dude!


very good, very impressive.


Maven, my computer rendered this image using MaxwellRender almost 6 hours.

Synthesizer, itryed to adjust SSS in shader, but the quality and the time taken did not suit me, so I desided not to use SSS.

Thank you all for your interest in my work, for good words and advices! :slight_smile:


wow…thats amazing