'Mists of Pandaria' Post Mortem?


That was an awesome cinematic (don’t know if I’m late) but I actually wouldn’t mind seeing that as a feature length animation. Whatever the case it would be nice to see a post-mortem on that. Anyone know if one that’s already been written or what studio was responsible? Don’t know if there’s a such thing, but it doesn’t seem like a Blur styled cinematic.


Blizzard makes all of their cinematics them self and usually include a “making of” in their collectors edition :slight_smile:


Blizzard should make an animated movie about warcraft.
What i dont understand is if they make about 2 billion$ a year from wow alone, why wont they use a fraction of their income to make a feature film.


why wont they use a fraction of their income to make a feature film.

They’d rather keep it. Making dough off an animated feature is nearly impossible.


Also, with few exceptions, movies based on video games rarely do well.


99% of the time its horribly altered scripts (taking an already loved game storyline and squeezing the life out of it to the point where theres nothing there from the original game except the character names) and extremely poor and bad marketing.

Im amazed Activision hasnt been pushing a Call of duty movie in the style of blackhawk down.

As for Blizzard, theyve been at the whole movie thing since 2007?08? Trying to get a script together.


It costs a ton of cash to create a studio big enough to put out a feature film.
Their short videos are fantastic, but they spend a ton of time and CPU power putting them out compared to any feature film and if they tried to scale it up in resolution and time they will start to rapidly hemorrhage money and start hitting a lot of limitations that were not evident in the smaller production.


I’ve thinked the same thing, but what if they do it in quality of early Wow trailers, (or even Warcraft 3 cinematics) not Diablo quality?
Something like Burning Crusade cinematic.
After all, they have a very good matte painters that can solve many modeling/texturing/lighting problems, and who knows what tricks they know.


They already output in full 1080p, that’s more pixels than 2:35 or 2:1 2K which you use for cinema, and they mostly use renderman, so stereo output wouldn’t really add a lot.
Time wise they already demonstrated they can produce hours in a three years span.
So, no, resolution, CPU power and frames yield per year they are already on par or above with an animation studio.

They also don’t really use more CPU power or resources per minute than we do in feature animation, quite the opposite, they have pretty damn good yield per dollar when it comes to their footage. I don’t know where you got that info, but it seems off to me.

More likely there are three things contributing to them not doing a movie:
A) the franchise is already selling merchandising and a number of other things, a movie wouldn’t make the IP a great deal more valuable, it’s already borderline saturated anyway, there’s no potential customer out there that doesn’t know of it.
B) they have to keep up what they have, and then add enough to make a movie on the side.
CPU power is absolutely the last of issues there. Scaling software, storage, real estate and revisiting production models to scale accordingly would be a much bigger deal compared to what you outlined.
C) The markets are different. A Warcraft movie might not have the kind of market people think it’d have.
Even if every single wow player out there went to see it twice, you would still be fully into tanking realms, and how many people outside of the gaming community would care for humans headbutting orcs in full CG?

You need a 9 digit number of tickets sold to recup on something like a warcraft CGI movie (given parallel isn’t going to net you more than it does already), even if they could do it under the 100mills mark. Is there that much of an available viewer pool for that franchise? Maybe, more likely not.

They would also have to enter distribution agreements and potentially tarnish franchises that right now don’t have much risk factor to them.
A film would be worth it if they could break even on that and generate a billion or two in parallel sales. They already have all the parallel sales they need, and the returns on a picture would be peanuts compared to what the battle.net family makes them.

Can’t see them risking it personally, if anything they might offload it to someone else (production wise) and just license the brands and supervise certain things. But hey, weirder things have happened, so maybe one day there will be a warcraft movie.


I was disappointed with the MoP trailer which, I felt, compared poorly to the Diablo 3 cinematics. Particularly the animation.


It’s sort of funny to see how subjective some of these things are.

I thought MoP was some of their best animation and layout to date, and while I loved the FX, sense of scale, lighting and surfacing work in the DIII trailer and cinematics, I thought the animation and staging could have been better compared to where the rest of the elements set the bar.


I would assume the amount of core fans they have and the potential that the movie would contain that ticket sales wouldn’t be a problem. With such a rich story in the WoW lore they would never run out of ideas for making a movie that would risk repetition.

Although I am not a fan of their games, I would not hesitate to go and see their feature film. Their cinematics are by far some of the best ones.


Really? I did only watch it twice through and not at incredibly hi res but i thought there was a big lack of weight in the combat scenes.

Hrmmm you’ve interested me enough to go back and watch again.

Lighting and surfacing in DIII was very good.


All of battle.net for all their franchises, including dormant and inactive accounts, is what, 18 mills? 20?
Even if they strike a surpisingly good deal with distribution on the shares they’re unlikely to get more than five dollars per ticket. That’d barely recup an average mid-high budgeted CGI movie cost before marketing (which usually doubles the load for a strong franchise, if not triples it). That is assuming every single player they had went to see a movie about just one of three franchises.

The assumption that a fan-based movie can live off fans alone is flawed beyond belief. Many movies based on way larger fandoms have tanked horribly before.
Superman is one of the widest known fandom brands out there, and a 230M movie that with marketing and all probably shot past 400 brought in less than those 400, and didn’t boost any synergic market significantly.
Prince of Persia at 200+ without marketing brought in even les…
Just saying :slight_smile:

I’m not saying it would tank, and I’d love to see one as they have incredibly strong, if a bit safe, visuals and art direction, but it’s very, very far from being a guaranteed success purely based on the branding power of warcraft, which really isn’t that huge in the grand scheme of audiences.


They’ve been planning on making a Warcraft movie for quite some time now. Legendary Pictures seems to be listing it as being in development:


As far as I can remember they were aiming for live action rather than animated characters.


Yeah, live action, get Uwe Boll on the helm, what could possibly go wrong? :smiley:


Actually Uwe Boll DID approach Blizzard about directing a warcraft movie, and was almost literally laughed off and then proceeded to write an angry blog about it or something like that.
I’m sure it can still be found in the fold of the interwebs somewhere.


““I got in contact with Paul Sams of Blizzard [about a World of Warcraft film] and he said, ‘We will not sell the movie rights, not to you…especially not to you,’” Boll informed MTV News.” =)



Oh, I must have missed an episode of the Uwe Boll show… :wink:


i remember that, i was still playing at that point. Its like you said though, the gaming market for WoW is 10s of millions of people, at the low end of that number. You need a lot more to break even on a feature film worth 100 mil+.

The only way to achieve that is market the movie as a kids PG, in which case they miss the point on the brutality thats supposed to be warcraft, so it’ll be decried by the fans as a “phantom menace” type of movie, which in turn may end up killing more subscriptions faster than theyre currently dying off.