Mistress of Dragons, Daniele Scerra (3D)


Title: Mistress of Dragons
Name: Daniele Scerra
Country: Italy
Software: Maya, ZBrush

Hello, this is the Mistress of Dragons, sorceress of darkest powers, lady of the night. His kingdom is the land of Ghranee, the place where it all began…

I created this character for an Italian school of 2D/3D as promotion, using Maya and Zbrush.

I Hope you like it


Char design
Skin shader

Maybe to much post


I like it, there’s a lot of post to be sure, I think it’s even affecting the darkness inside the ear cavity making it stand out too much. Still, very nice work.




Yes powerfull, i like.

Ps = same result with Mud.


This is great and sexy. I love the design and wary pose of the little dragon (firedrake?)


I agree that the ear cavity is too dark.

I love the skin shading though.

Good job.


Stunning image, the pose really sells it.
The head dress is especially well created and the muted tones work well.

Keep up the great work



wow! What a masterpiece! Thanks for sharing this.

I loved right away the detail with something dark in the ear. I don’t see it as unrealistic but something interesting that add to the mistery of this woman. It looks as she has some makeup in the ear or maybe her real skin done is dark and she put up white makeup.


It’s a lovely piece, but can I ask how much is photo ref mapped in and how much is painted?
The overall image and composition are great, but some spots let it down.
The drapery on the legs in example is really coarse compared to the rest, while the face has all kind of stuff (peach fuzz, roots of the hair and so on) that really look photo mapped, the eyes look practically perfect, while the shoulder pad looks pasted in from a different rendering.


Very detailed and realistic. :applause:


i love this piece… great pose and character.


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