Mist / Fog


Hi, I’m modeling and city for a project and I need some help with an effect. I’m rendering in Mental Ray (incase that was important). I’m wondering if there was a way to make colorse more faded if they are extremely far away like a fog effect. Its just to simulate distance I guess. I would like it to fade out into the sky color as objects gets farther and farther away.

I would also appreciate some tips on how to create a sense of scale. What lens angle should I use? How do I make my city actually feel big? Thank you :]


For fog I’d render a zdepth pass, composite it in ps/ae, make it inverted, put it to screen and adjust levels/hue-saturation to your needs.

For camera lens I’d say about a 25-35 degree fov should be nice, also placing the camera low and pointing it upwards makes the objects look bigger.

Sense of scale often comes through having objects/subjects in the scene we humans expect to be a certain size to compare the rest with. If you create a huge sphere with no textures on it and render it, people have no idea how large it is. If you do, however, put an average person next to it, it becomes a lot easier to identify the scale of the scene. - This can be used to great effect in most scenes.

Hope this helps.


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