misss tests


Well here it is for starters:

great shader it was build with production in mind
I beleive it can be a solid skin shader, lots off room
for adding your nodes, mappable ambient, are you kidding me
md_sss is going in that slot as off now.
Fast, should I mention it, at least in test scenes.



I didnt mean to show you my milk but here it is.
Settings in a demo scene didnt work at all for me.
I had to lower my transmission way down, under the .1,
point light didnt work too good either.
Photon energy increase helped some and light tweaking.
You’ll now what I’m talking about when you see the tutorials
for standalone. I must say this is a pleasent surprise.
We are having a mr shader release from alias (mental) and its
very well documented, even more.


hey man…the dragon looks great…do you think you could post your.mb file with the different setups…I have been playing with the same file and I would love to see what you have been doing to get such great results. Thanks in advance


Dragon test file is 20Mb so I wont post.

It was just playing with some settings, its not very
clear to me also, only major thing I really changed
in this tests is lighting, strength of point lights in
scene, and some sss colors and radiuses.


great shader.
i play little whit them and look great.
thank Paolo Berto


Those look great! I wasn’t expecting such quality from the stock Alias SSS shader implement until I looked at some of the pictures at the alias site, and in the docs. It’s looking really good so far.
Paolo knows what he’s doing big time. I have his DVD’s. I hope he comes out with another one soon.

Good Job so far. Keep this thread alive. :thumbsup:


Wow, realy a nice shader

Its my test .



Is this some shader or what?
I’ve been using it with photon emission and
works great, only one base point light.
Bump combiner on top, photon shader misss_fast_skin,
surface shader slot in bump combiner also to misss_fast_skin.
I had some weird behaviour with built in bump of sss shader,
so bump combiner was good solution, thanks francesca.
Checkout the cornell girl


Hey guys, just one question, can it be rendered in reasonable time ? i mean how much time took the dragon to render ?


All renders are reasonably fast,
dragon test especially because there
was no gi in the scene (5 min. or less for final render)
Milk is physical scene, caustics, gi and sss together
can slow things down a bit.
Skin test is more of a mix, without physical shader but
with photon and sss skin shader.
It is not slow at all, 15 min. at max for 600x cornell girl.


5 min for this dragon sounds great to me, i have to check this out :smiley:


look great your corner girl, i-d
keep going


Wow!!!where To Get This Shader?!?!?!


just log in to alias site , it’s in the download section.


After seeing those results, I was moved to find these sss plugins.
So I went to the Alias website, searched for it, found this:


…which ends up being a dead link.

I tried a thread a couple days back that points to the same page, which redirects me to a “page missing” message.

Is anyone else getting this?


That’s weird, i downloaded this but now it looks like it’s gone. It was all platform package about 20 mb archive, maybe they’re preparing the site, don’t know ?


hy guys

here a very quick test.
Only a light and IBL.

great shader. :applause:


Does anyone have any idea how to create this mentarayTexture node that you’re supposed to plug in to the misss_fast_simple_maya shader? I played around with the dragon for a while (which worked fine for me) and decided to try to make a scene from scratch but the mentalrayTexture node is nowhere to be found. There doesn’t appear to be any entry for it in the .mi file the sss package came with.

EDIT: I figured it out… you just need to click the button next to the slot in the attribute editor and it creates the node automatically.


Can someone post these shaders online? I am vexed to no end that Alias seems to have taken them down, especially seeing the results now.


I downloaded it a day ago no probs, link is dead for me too, are there any “legal” issues uploading it elsewhere?