Missing Forum content?



I can in some categories just see a fraction of what should be there. The Blender category for example shows me four stickies and three threads. But the pverview for this category tells me that there should be around 5000 threads. Same goes for Houdini, where i can see 3 stickies and 12 threads while the overview tells me about 344 threads.

Is this a settings problem? How can i display and read the rest of the threads?

Kind regards



Found it. It’s a settings thing. By default my account uses the forum defaults to cut off older threads. And so it looked to me like the old threads are gone.

Control Panel - Edit Options - Thread Display Options block - and here change Default Thread Age Cut Off: to Show all Threads.

I have changed my account settings now to display all threads. Other users might not find it this easy. And might see it as broken like i did.