Miss Vixi, Andrius Balciunas (3D)


Title: Miss Vixi
Name: Andrius Balciunas
Country: Lithuania
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

This a character I created for Digital Tutors. It’s along with the video tutorial, roughly 1.5h long with me explaining my usual walkthrough I use for my female characters creation.

Here is the link:


OMG, so … realistic ? :applause:

I love the eyes, they create like a DOF and the rest of the scene looks very good.

For me, the problem is the texture of the body in the torso, the lighting take the illusion of “mirror”.

PS : Sorry for my broken english.


Pretty cool work :slight_smile:

A bit paper feel to skin… and eyes could use more depth - highlights that gives wetness. And lips way too soft and too smooth for real life character.

I see this time you wanted to avoid hairs :slight_smile:

Love the dof.


Very breath taking. As others have said only complaint is maybe a slight bit of bump to the skin, feels very papery. But really no complaints! Amazing work, only trying to give constructive criticism. The overall render is truly a work of art, you capture human emotion inside a 3D program, very well done.


I really like a super nice job :thumbsup:


Beautiful, well done!


Guikingone - Thanks, not sure what do you mean exactlly but thanks anyway :smiley:

Dodgeas3d - Yeah, for training video I didn’t want her to have any hair at all. And yes lips needed more attention, thanks :thumbsup:

PatPromovies - Thanks yes, I think that’s because bump is a bit too dense, thanks, I’ll be carefull with that next time :slight_smile:

Crot, Climax - Thanks guys :slight_smile: :bounce:


Cool! i like so much the eyes, so sexy :slight_smile:


Looks great, congrats! Looking forward to checking out your tut on DT


beautifull :love:


very realistic artwork.


Scary… staring into her… eerrr… its… uh your artworks eyes :wink:

Nice job!

I would add a few wisps of hair coming out from under the hat so she looks like she has some hair at least.

As said, a little more wetness and bumps would make it perfect!


Gosh, that’s really good! Would love to have a look at the different maps you used (diffuse, spec, etc). Pretty please :drool:


WOW! Beautiful woman! And excellent cloth!


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