Mirroring Glitch


The mirror of the tooth is at the incorrect distance from the origin, causing a vertex to be outside the mesh rather than inside.

Pretty much every other mirrored part of the mesh looks fine, but for some reason, this one tooth is mirroring incorrectly.
How can I fix this?

Since I don’t know how to add an attachment, here’s a DropBox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/adqimac9gk4mwu3/Skelly236.blend?dl=0


Still haven’t been able to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.


Still no idea how to fix this… While I still would like to fix this, It doesn’t seem to affect the model’s usability, so I guess it’s fine.


There is no mirroring issue. Its just the ngons on each side get tessellated differently in viewport(since everything you see on screen is rasterized as triangles, that’s just the way graphics hardware works).

Here is a screenshot after adding an extra edge into the highlighted area:

Notice that this n-gon is tessellated as a flat surface while it clear from your model you are trying to define a curved surface. Need to add more edges in to define the surface better. Generally you shouldn’t leave n-gons in the middle of curved surfaces.


Ah, that makes sense. This is my first blender project, so I hadn’t even known about that.

It’s looking pretty good right now: