mirrored joints gets 360 rotations when i orient constrain


this only happens to me sometimes when rigging a model though. why? can someone lemme know?

even when the joints appear oriented, exactly like the locator and ctrl object… i will get 360 flips when i orient constrain them

is there a way to correct the issue down the chain all at once? avoid the 360 issue altogether?


switch the interp type to shortest or whatever fits best.

The flip usually happens because maya doesn’t know how to interpolate between two values (imagine two arrows pointing at opposite angles in 3d, how do you place the one arrow that’s suppose to be a mix of both ?)

If you have to use a lot of constraints in your scene make sure you stresstest your rig for the flips. It’s really annoying because sometimes they won’t even appear in the animated scene but might in a vector calculation.

So yeah, either shortest or noflip usually works for me.


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