Mirrored Geometry: Bump Map Problems


Hey everyone

I’ve searched the posts for a solutions to this common problem (so I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time) and what I found was a few posts from 2002 for Maya 4.5 (why the fools at Alias didn’t address this problem and fix it in 5.0 is beyond me)

 I’m currently working in Maya 5.0.1 (but would love for anyone who has 6.0 or 6.0.1 to let me know if this problem still exists) my problem is I have a symmetrical object that shares the same UV as its symmetrical counterpart. The problem is when I apply a bump map to its counterpart its inverted. I tried to release the normals but I then recalled that Maya calculates bump(s) from the UV direction not the Normal direction (please correct me if I’m wrong)

 Is there anyway at all I can correct this without having to create another shader to manually invert the map.


This probably won’t help, but this was what I was forced to do. I basically grabbed all the faces on the opposing side, then did a horizontal flip uv in the uv editor. What I had to do next was duplicate and mirror the bump map from photoshop. This was a pain in the ass to do, because my uv layout wasn’t laid out very well, so hopefully someone can help Orange Ray, myself, and any others who has encountered this problem.


The process makes sense but there has to be a function in Maya that would correct this. I’m sure this is problem people run into all the time. So much in fact like I said above in my first comment this is something that Alias shouldn’t of looked past for 5.0 (still wondering about 6.0.1)

Side Note:

The best thing at Siggraph was seeing Modo in action. FINALY the artist has spoken on regards to a complete and very interesting modeling software (I have no doubts that this software just like ever other software ever written will have its bugs). But this software will truly crush Maya when it comes to modeling. Hopefully this will be one of many wake up calls for Alias but I truly doubt it. One can only hope that the Luxology group will not falter under the giant.


Please anyone. This is driving me nuts and as much as I want to just bypass this for now and keep going I really want to figure out this problem.

Here is a pick of my shader network with a “Reverse Node” in it but its still not working. What in gods name am I doing wrong? (a n00b to the Shad Network)



As i noticed you are using normal mapping…How about projection…?

Try using “Place3dtexture” node…you can choose tri planar mapping then…ot box mapping…

That way you can get away from inverting normals…



Make 2 bump2d nodes and use the same but negativ value for the bump depth on the mirrored geometry. You will probably need two different shaders.


leha_sokol do you know what normal mapping is? Because I’m not using it. And how about projection? What are you talking about?

and danylyon to make two diffrent shaders is wasteful. There is two was of doing this without being wasteful. The first is with the reverse node and the second is inverting the color value in PhotoShop and inverting the inverted color. But that is only one way and that is the easy way. I would like to find out how to do the reverse node style.


All this is explained in docs…

Normal mapping is projection mapping according with your surface normals…so if you assign texture that way…then you get only place2dtexture node…

Projection mapping lets you make “wrapping” of your surfaces…you choose projection method…Spherica, Box, Cylindrical, Planar , Triplanar and so on…

You can choose it from “create node” tab in Hypershade…

But the best way…is to search “Mapping” on docs…truth is out there…:wink:



I think reversing the normals on one side should do the trick.



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