Mirror Weight on a Single Joint


I am currently trying to weight a face, and I want to reflect the left weight of the face to the right side of the face. Is that possible?
The keyword here is SINGLE JOINT. Most demonstration solely provides mirroring of joint from one joint to the other.

I also tried using the Mirror Tool set to self and the properties set only to weights, but it does not seem to work. Or I could be wrong.

You can also see an illustration of the problem here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/adsk5171ljzxait/c4d042_mirror_weighting_on_a_single_joint.jpg?dl=0

Thank you for your time.


If I understnad you correctly you have a single joint with a correct weight for one side of the head and you want to basically mirror the weight along an axis while keeping the old weight as well? So sth. like a “mirror and merge” command?

(I have only R18)

  • Select joint in Weights manager under Joint tab
  • Press Copy
  • Press mirror along X/Y/Z (how you want it)
  • Press merge

Does that help? But beware of normalization problems


Thanks ceen! Works as expected :slight_smile: