Mirror Nurbs?


I have a nurbs model in Studio Max, and I have been unsuccessful being able to split it in half, mirror, and then reattach it.

I know I have done the same thing with edit mesh, but converting this nurbs model to edit mesh won’t work either. :hmm:

Any help/comments are appreciated. Thanks!





I don’t know how this is done in MAX, but what I’d do in Rhino is this:

Extract the wireframe and trim off the side I don’t need, then connect the center with an Interpolate Curve command snapped to the ends of the trimmed curves.

Network the surface, then mirror it, either joining it at the seam or prefferably merging the two surfaces into one.


ah, good ol max nurbs

I remember busting my ass to learn those.
at least it makes learning other nurbs progs that much easier:shrug:

Anyways, on to answer your question.

To split a surface in two,
just select the object, go into sub-object: surface mode
then select the surface and pick break row(in the modify panel)
move the cursor on the surface and pick where u want to break it.

that will split it in two.

then you can just pick mirror surface from that floating nurbs toolbar.
then use join from the modify panel.
select the first edge you wana join, then the edge you wana join it to.

hope that cleared things up for you.


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