Mirror Joints on C4D (Based on Behavior)


Is there a way mirror (using mirror tool) in C4D where the mirrored does not copy exactly the axis of the source but also flips it (as you can see in the illustration) below?

P.S. The illustration is from Maya as it has this show local axis orientation for joints for better clarify. Correct me if I’m wrong but C4D do not have that feature.

Thank you for taking a look at it.


No the behavioral mirror mode isn’t native in Cinema 4D. You could mirror properly, and then it’s a matter of flipping some axes. I don’t know if this will work for all cases, but if you used the joint tool to make your joints, you could Mirror with the mirror tool set to YZ plane and YZ Rotate. Then you can Multiply the H and P rotations by -1, and then add 180 to B. It seems to work here to give the proper behavior.


Thanks Bret for the heads up!
Also just like to add for anyone visiting the thread, the transform tools should have a “Per Object Manipulation” turned on. Other wise the mirroring joints based on behavior do not make sense.