Mirror Angle Deformers in Skin


I looked through the documentation, searched through the forums and googled it. I’m amazed to find that there seems to be relatively NOTHING on mirroring Join Angle Deformers, Bulges and the like. Is the only way to make the same thing twice? That seems rather tedious and uneccessary… then again, there was no way to mirror bone weights till max 6. :sad:

Please let me konw if you know of a way to mirror joint angle deformers/bulges. Perhaps some way to detach the gizmos?! I don’t know.


Press the copy button, select the gizmo that you have added to the other side and press paste. That easy.


When adding the new gizmo, is there a way to select the same vertices or do I have to do that manually.


Manualy but there are scripts that you can get that will do this for you.


I looked around on scriptSpot but wasn’t able to find one. Any idea what it would be called?


Sorry no, I have my own and I haven’t released these to te public yet but I have heard people talk about them.


Thanks for the reply’s man. I managed to get a script that does the selection, but in terms of mirroring the gizmo, the past doesn’t actually do mirroring, it just copies it. Am I missing something?


No, I don’t think that you are:(


yeah ive kinda got the same problem.
you can copy the gizmo, but really i want to be mirroring it.

surely there must be a way, its just crazy to do it twice for each right and left limb.


I have never even looked if it can be scripted, if it can, I would think that there is a way.


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