Mirror an animation


Hello everyone.
I need to mirror an animation, I attach a screenshot of what I need to achieve:


I found a workflow on google, I paste the content of the post here:

Animation Skeleton (duplicate twice)

(parent -> child)

Animation Skeleton -> Connect Attributes -> Skeleton2
Group Skeleton2 -> Scale Group X:-1 (mirroring it)
Constrain Skeleton2 -> Skeleton3
Skeleton3 should now be a mirrored version of your animation without scale transforms. Probably a bad way to do it, but it works. :D:

I have tried to do it but I need some more information, because I think I’m not doing it right.

Conect attributes, this is with the connection editor, right? does it connect only with autoconnect? Or is there some value that I have to connect manually?
Step 2, Scale group, I have it clear, here there is no doubt.
Step 3, what exactly do I have to click on the contrain? parent maybe?


A greeting and thanks in advance.