Miranda [to Ver.2] ... (Nudity)


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Excuse me about deleting the old WIP images & movies because of the capasity of WEB space for them.

    Latest Update:

    Hi all, I'm back. ;)
       I have restarted my another struggle with "Miranda" to go to "Ver.2".  Now I am researching and planning how to improve my figure's quality.  I think this figure should be "inbetween" from realism to illust.  I have to pay attension about muscle rig and facial rig more and more and more.  Privately, I am seeking my job in the CG industry, so the progress will be slow, but I will complete my training task with this "Miranda".  Of cource, I also have to obey the instructions of my old master, I will.
       The images below are some snapshots about new "Miranda".  I have rebuild the edge-loops with great considerations.  I will also animate this figure with part-by-part controls.  It starts with hard-defined muscular body since "Miranda" is designed as dancer like Flamenco or Tango, but I will prepare this figure to be more soft, ordinary body by morphings in future.
       I hope this time chalenge will be the another big training for me, and some hints for who will try muscle rig or facial rig, as I'm one of rigging operators.
       C&C are welcome.


very nice. The back of the head looks a little long…just a little too large imo. but over all very nice… :thumbsup:



Very nice model! :slight_smile: My only crits are on the shape of the skull:

  1. The indentation where the neck and skull meet comes in much too sharply.
  2. The skull protrudes too far in the back and the slope of the forehead goes back too far.

Good luck!


> FlexGiddy, M31 :wink:

Thanks for reply.

The shape of back of head is intension from my master. I know it is a little bit exagerated. Maybe in the next meeting with him, I will ask him about this issue once more.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Yeah man quite nice modeling you got there! well as of right now no crits from my side since they already have been addressed :p. but yeah very nice geomtry too :applause:


very nice so far!!

here’s where I see potential for further iprovement;

the topology looks good, but there’s a thousand triangles you don’t need. Believe me, I’m not a quad-nazi at all, but from my experience triangles can be even worse than pentagons; they tend to create pinching and that you wouldn’t want on a female model :stuck_out_tongue:

the vertebrae are too defined and there’s too many of them (especially on the back of her neck).

the chest looks a bit boxy and flat, the breasts look too round for their volume; so either make them bigger or more pointed (see aneta on 3d.sk)
Also the ribs are too horizontal, you might want to angle them a bit more.

the abs are too defined for my taste. Also I think that even on well trained women what’s visible is more like a “4-pack” than a sixpack.

on her butt I’d expect to see a crease where it meets the thighs.

the horizontal crease on the back of her knees is way too sharp.

on her head that “ancient egyptian” profile has been mentioned. Other than that it looks good :slight_smile: only the ears are a bit too big and fat.


> NovaKane, philip

Thank you for your comments. :slight_smile:
It encourages me well.

> philip
> trianglation

Yes, I know the usefullness N-gons. To tell the fact, the Ver.1 contains a lot of N-gons. However I had decided, for this time, this figure will be able to be converted to the GAME Platforms, so I did trianglation. I am satisfied since this triangled geometry has no unnecessary creases. And I also have to mention that I had doen vertices insertions at minimum for this time tweak. If necessary, I will let this figure be N-gon mode.

> number of the vertebrae
I used a bone geometry as reference, which I bought from this, CGProShop. And I also had a reference from my anatomy textbook. How many do you think about the number of the vertebrae?

> the other anatomical issues
I know the breast, for example, would be rounder. But it will be rigged with muscles, and set them down for gravity with dummy bones. I know this kind of hard-defined body is difficult. Though I want this figure to be like androgynus at first. For more female-like, ordinary body will be implemented later with morphings. I’m using a plug-in (cMuscle) and then there are some needs between body geometry and the plug-in by setting (like smooth weights) for animation.

Anyway, I will discuss about those anatomical issues with my old master in the next meeting.

Thanks a lot!! :thumbsup:


that muscle plugin sounds interesting. Please post some tests along the way :slight_smile:

regarding the vertebrae: I didn’t actually count them, but I never have seen so many, so small so close together on a female neck.


The lower lip in my opinion is too small and should stick out more, almost as much as the top lip.


> philip

Here is a snapshot from my old Ver.1.

There is a lot of things to be improved about this muscle & facial rig. But cMuscle has a great usability for designers. For example, I can select from a choice about start/end controlers’ behaviour. Each muscle can have custom shape when deformed.

> vertebrae

I know it is hard-defined, however you might know that some skinny women’s vertebrae are appearing when you look at some kind of nude photographs. What I intended to express is that kind of appearing/disappearing vertebrae.


> pap87
Thanks for your reply, mate. :slight_smile:

> lower lip
I’m sorry. This is unchangeable since it is my master’s instruction. My old master is the very specialist about lips drawing. I wish I can show you … hmmm. :sad:



I’m almost at the point to release my figure’s geometry. For this time update, there are the refinement points from your suggestions, or from my master’s instructions. Especially for the eyes, I did take care greatly to make it more natural, ordinary eyes. And also about the edge-loops around neck, it is rebuilt with a big consideration.

Besides, I’ve started the process for the muscle rigging. For this time chalenge, I will start with the facial rig especially since it needs the great improvements. Meybe the process will begin after the “robust” muscle rig for the whole body (it’s necessary for natural facial rig at least).

C&C are welcome.


And Here are the other snapshots for hand. :smiley:
You know, I’m using layerd bump maps for hand animation. So the wrinkles at finger joints, palm, or wrist whereever are animated by joint’s movements with Driven Keys.

C&C are welcome.


And also wires.


[left]Not sure what kind of woman you’re going for, but with this face certainly not one I’d want to see naked, she reminds me of a cranky old teacher of mine back in elementary school ;)[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]Loving the body though (in a non-sexual way)! Keep up the good work, can’t wait until you start texturing… :scream: [/left]


> Stefander

Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

I know your teacher is the best woman for you to tutor. :smiley:

I’m going to rig the whole body robustly at first and the face at second. But I think I can show you the textured model after a short while. Please wait for that time. :slight_smile:


Once you add hair and eyebrows etc… she will look alot better - just like the last time you got there!

I’m enjoying this caracter - reminds me of a real person.


> Giom

Thanks mate! :slight_smile:

Today is sad day for me. It seems difficult for me to get a CG job in Japan. But I had decided to brush up my Miranda to V.2 as soon as possible. I will try this time to create demo reel for both body expressions and facial expressions.

Cheers! :thumbsup:



I have started muscle rigging from rough weightings.
Here are the snapshots. I am using only the sticky weights for cMuscle, which is similar to the MAYA default skin weights. The result satisfys me somehow even with this rough settings. I am also using part-by-part control for rigging to make buffers for future tweak for Blendshapes. It is like making program functions with input/output interface.

C&C are welcome.


Oh boy, how can you make this look so easy!

The deformations looks fine to me. Just, something about the shoulders bugs me… donno what. You obviously have some tweeking to do still!

Great work though!


> Giom

Good pointing out, mate. :slight_smile:

The shoulder is deformed by 3 elements.

  1. Torso twist
  2. Shoulder pad
  3. Arm twist
    And it doesn’t contain any real muscle deformations since “twist muscles” are only for twisting (almost). So there’re no squash & strech effect for shoulder for example. That is the cause of that shoulder deformation maintain too much volume to bend.

After fixing a little trouble, I will go to the next stage.

P.S. But it is surprising that cMuscle is very powerful even with this kind of rough settings. :slight_smile: