Miranda Kerr 3d head



first post on cgtalk, i have been working on this for the last couple months, trying to revamp the demo reel. just figured out fibermesh to curves way of making hair and i probably will use it more often. applied the fast sss but only plugged in colour and normal map just trying to figure out how to place a second bump map in this shader network. any tips would definitely help me out. just looking to stay motivated any critique would be appreciated!

Thank you

here’s the third update! crazy what the sss shader is capable of. im pretty happy with the progress so far! let me know what you think!


It looks like a good likeness, but the render is really dark making it difficult to fully appreciate.


thanks alot! ill post some new renders soon… just trying to import the rest of the character to maya and transfer texture maps from zbrush.


just updated the hair made it more realistic and i brought the lighting up a bit. let me know what you think!!


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