Hi all

This is a project i finished up a few months ago. this was really just a muscle rigg project with a bit of hair and fur thrown in. unfortunately this project never reached its potential as i lost a lot of the initail setup files due to a failed HD. the muscle rigg was never properly finished. all i had left of this project was a initial skin test i had left over as a animated cached mesh. so rather than throw it in the failed projects bin i decided to finish up a bit of a scene based around that animated mesh. so no real story on this.

i have 2 clips one the animated clip and 2 a comp of a few work-in progress clip i put together. just right clip on links unzip and play

  [img]http://www.kaffeineproductions.com/downloads/thumbs/mino_eye_thumb.jpg[/img] [full clip 13.5meg ziped QT](http://www.kaffeineproductions.com/downloads/Mino_Clip.zip)
  [img]http://www.kaffeineproductions.com/downloads/thumbs/minotour_design_thumb.jpg[/img] [making of clip 20meg WMV](http://www.straiusmusic.com/johno/mino_making%20of.zip)

Thanks to Raison Varner for all the sound a music clips for this it really brings things to life.

  [b]thanks[/b] also to
  Damian Snolgrove
  Anton fletcher
  Adriano Zanetti
  Justin Dinges
  for all the feedback and encouragment
  [b]special thanks[/b] to 
  Marsel Khadiyev for all the support with ornatrix 
  3dsmax7 scanline renderer
  Act 1.6 muscles
  ornatrix 1.4 Hair
  Combustion 4
  AMD 53FX 64bit
  2gig ram
  here is the original workin in progress thread
  any comments questions or feedback would be greatly appreciated


Nice Work there mate…muscle rig looks sweet!


Nice work. I like the feel of it and the sound is great. Easy to end up having to rush the sound. A blur may be more intersting when he is shaking his head. It almost looks like you have an after effects echo filter on it now but it may of been the way it was playing for me. Great work on going ahead and getting somehting out of the project. Always sticks when you have hardware problems.


hi guys,

thanks for the comments, the motion blur was just combustion default motion blur. which is proiite much the same as the eco filter. i wasn’t to happy with the results but i thought it looked better with it than without.




cool… the sound is imponent and the making off is very interesting… i just think the scenes are too fast and I can´t see the minotaur as I would like (in normal playback speed…)
but anyway… nice work…


Congrats on getting it finnished despite all the Data loss, its great to see what you have done with what you had and that you didnt just leave it unfinished and move onto something else like so many others would have done (including myself). It looks cool
Looks as thought there is a missing scene in there where is blacks out for a few seconds I was expecting the mino to do something right there.
The making of was good viewing too

keep up the good work johnno, whats next??


Hey John,

Great job, looks like you’ve done a lot of job with this since the first WIP you showed me. Should be a nice addition to the good ol’ portfolio.




AHAH !!..nice, finally ! Man, you got all my respect there, cause with all the bad luck you had with that one and the obstacles you had to overcome… Congrats on getting something just as good out of it. It turns out to be quite nice in the end, so don’t you dare feel bad about it :slight_smile:

Nice little twist in the end… that guy standing outside really gives a more scenaristic misterious feel to that showcase.

Now get started on a new project man!! Yeeepeeeeeee !!!:scream:


Looks awsome!

Great job…



muscle rig came out nicely. Great work.


sweet rig yo,
My only crit is that you hear this huge crash … and you don’t see it… a bit more force and move the camera down/out a bit.
The Intro is great!


nice job… enjoyed seeing the tk rig in the making of demo. could you tune us into what tuitorial you used for max. Is there a similar set up for maya by chance? awesome job :slight_smile:



Hey man, looks great. The muscles on his back look very impressive. You might wanna make a longer version though, this is over far too soon.

Keep it up!


it’s so cool mate! five stars from me.the camera’s cuts a little faster i think.


Hi all, I have to appoligize for not responding. i just moved house and only just got backonline. I checked back in and i found lots of posts from all of you. thanks you for your interest.

Kerr-yep it was a bit of a tight sequence. i had 15sec of animation and you can tell i really stretch it. definatly one of the drawbacks to the animation.

DS-thanks for all the feedback and engcoragment on this one you sort of nursed me through my complaining on this project. kept me going hehe. yeah the missing scene or Black pause was supposed to be abit of a editing trick but it sort of floped.

Marsel Khadiyev- thanks for giving us Ornatrix and giveing me the chance to Play around with this great Plugin you did some amazing work forthought into giveing artist some great Hair and fur tools. and cheers for all the tech support. Cant wait for Hairtrix to come out.

Adriano- thanks for always pushing me to do better man and always trying to help me over those “i give up” moments. the twist at the end would have been nice to make it longer i think most people dont notice it.

Ratatat- no real tutorail on this one. you should be able to do the same in Maya Using Muscle TK or similar plugins. doing muscles is really just modeling and haveing to know how your anaotmy works or could or should work in a creature. the hardest part is not the muscles themselves but getting a good simulation with your skining solution. best to check out www.cgcharacter.com for muscle/skining stuff they have afew tutes on the website. at some point ACT was going to be ported to MayA but not sure if thats going to happen anytime soon.

anyway thanks everyone for the feedback. i’ll post the next project which is a face Muscle rigg i have going in afew more days. so i’ll post a link on this thread.




Hi everyone

yes new project. for anyone interested

face muscle rigg. No big supprizes there but check it out. i need to work out what my obsesion is with adding muscle to everything? maybe i should just do a regular character some day.

anyway here is the post





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