Miniature Sculpting


i sculpted this Hulk Heroclix piece and had it printed on Shapeways.

it’s only 2 inches tall! so i lost a ton of detail… but overall i can’t recommend their services more.

the 3d printing was easy on their site. they have software that checks your model for problem areas and will sometimes fix it for you. i had a few spots where it was too thin and it modified the model before print.

anyway i thought i’d share it.


Looks Great! Thanks for sharing. Do you by chance have a slightly larger image to see it better?




thanks! hopefully this gives a better idea of what it is.

the shocker on the right is just to show scale compared to other pieces.

i sculpted the hulk in several pieces and eventually attached them all as one in 3ds Max. this worked quite well with the printing process.

i wasn’t exactly sure what i would get, how much detail i would lose at that size.


Thanks for sharing the larger pictures. I think they look great! You said you lost some detail from the original design during the printing process, but since they are smaller and also physical models, it came out looking good to me. Nice job!


thanks rez!

it’s difficult to judge what detail will remain at that size…i.e. eyes, teeth, wrinkles etc…

as i do more sculpts i’ll get used to the process. i have found that adding a more angular and slightly deeper relief approach shows well at that size