Mini ZB : A Free Tool for Max!


I like it preety much the way it is, as you said - should I need something more complex, then I should use Zbrush. Many scripts tend to get crowded with too many features to handle.
This one’s sleek and satisfies it purpouse (not having to swich between apps for simple paint jobs).

That, ofcourse, doesn’t mean it’s perfect and doesn’t need improvements. But first, I gotta test it!

Thanks for sharing such a great script!


The link will stay constant but I have been updating the file behind it…I introduced a file that has a bug when zooming in on the mesh detail, I have uploaded the fixed version now, so if you have a problem where the non-focused part of your mesh is not optimized and then getting seams in your object when you leave the focus…then you should re-download


WOW! :bounce:
I’ve been waiting for something like this for max for a long time. It’s perfect!
I think it has just enough functions. In fact, the simplicity is what appeals to me the most. Zbrush has so many “unnecessary” functions that makes it way too confusing in many ways. This fits my needs just enough.
Great job! Thank you so much for sharing!:thumbsup:


Impressive piece of work Dube…



I got a question for you though…did you change the wording in your mini zb command panel ?
The other thing is could you put together a longer video or pdf on how to use it ? I mean its working allright for me I would just like there to be a helpfile or reference on what all the tabs will do …sorry to be so dense I am a newbie I guess even though I am just learning to make bump and displacement maps in zbrush…I could sure use this to save a lot of time making disp. maps and bump maps …Thankyou a whole lot for writing this script…


this script makes (at last) logical and good use of the paint interface of max.

the best part…

the calc. normalmap and dispmap botton!!!

great job and thank you very much for sharing!!


Very nice tool, thank you !

Now I just have to figure out what to use it on:)


Just saw the video! Amazing! Thanks for sharing.


I’m pleased that you are all enjoying my script :slight_smile:

Yes, I did change the name of one of the buttons on the command panel from “detail” to zoom in.

You’re right, it is lacking documentation, especially for those who can’t view the video due to dial up or codec problems, so I will write up some short instructions for that


maybe you could post the video on google video, that way it will be easily accessible for everybody.


looks like an awesome tool stuh, i’ll check it out once if find the time


Ok, I just updated the original thread with a download for a manual


Thank you very much for so useful tool!
I’ve played it a little and have trouble: since i’ve painted the first part of my model and clicked on “leave detail” - the next time i hit detail button the whole mesh remains unoptimized and there is no longer use of “-” and “+” buttons. Can this be fixed?


The current version does not even have a button titled “leave detail”, this problem should not exist in the newest version…check the download link on the first page, dont use the version that comes with the movie file


Thanks! :bounce:


Nice work on the script, just installed it, watched the video, everything works!
You should also script the unwrap UVW modifier from max6 into max8 ! hehe
(it’s the only reason why i still use max6) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be using youre script for sure, thanks!


The disp and normal map generator really amazing!



I’d like to try this script; however, all the links are dead.



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