Mini models


Inspired by Adam Atomic’s really cool low-poly modeling, I’ve decided to do something with low-poly models that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’m going to make a city. I have a rough layout for the city, but I had no buildings to put in it. I’m now in the process of changing all that by making these mini buildings (and in the future some mini bridges and cars and stuff).

  Here are the three that I've done. I had no concepts so I just started playing around. I'm fairly happy with the results.

I figure that these could be used in a SimCity type of game for something like the PSP. Since they’re so low-poly you could fit a ton of them onscreen at once and they would probably look good at that fairly low resolution. I’m going to texture an industrial building that I have and then I’ll probably start on something like the 2 or 3 bridges I’d have in my city.

If anybody else is interested in doing low-poly stuff like this, you can feel free to post in this thread if you so desire.


i love it… i think it looks really cool… im subscribed to this thread… would love to se that city…

keep up the good work…:thumbsup:


yippee! More low poly models! I think the tower is the strongest of the 3, it definitely has the best texture.


Okey dokey, just did a ~10 minute model. It may not look like much, but I’m going to try making the texture just as good as the tower. The tri count is 86, I’m not sure if I’m going to add anything else. I’ll probably have the texture finished tomorrow.

I have another model awaiting a texture, so they’ll probably go up at about the same time tomorrow.


Well, this one took all day since I was away from the computer a lot. Anyways, I just finished and here it is. It’s some sort of factory, though I have no idea what kind.


Edit: By the way, I’m not going to texture that double tower immediately. I’m in the mood to do something different after the buildings, so I’m going to do a bridge and maybe the stadium.


Ah the dying art of low LOW poly modelling. I like this barn. :slight_smile:


excellent! I like the way you flipped the windows on the second half of the roof, it makes it look a lot more random than it really is, nice touch! this building is the best yet.


That was actually a really fun moment when I realized that I could do it that way. The skylights were aligned before and it looked weird so I started experimenting and then realized what I could do. It was a “Hey, that’s cool!” moment.

Anyways, I’m now working on a bridge. It’s probably going to be a bit higher-poly than the rest of the buildings just because of the general structure of the thing. I don’t know if the design I have would actually work, but it looks neat. Updates soon.


Awesome I love these low-poly models.



I started texturing the bridge and it’s turning out to be a real bitch to do. I’m using a 128x128 texture for this one so I can get the resolution I want. It’s 150 triangles right now, though I’m not sure if I’m going to just use alpha planes for the support cables or if I’m going to keep them as the 3-sided box shapes they are now.

As I said in an earlier post, I don’t know if the design is feasible but I think it looks neat. :smiley:


Hehe, post that in finished 3d section :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome models. I think You could use two intersecting rectangles (4tris) for cables. Now make river raid clone called ‘city raid’ together with Adam Atomic’s ships ;D


This is great stuff. Really inspirational to see what magic can be done with a few well placed polys. A great exercise. I wanna play too but got to get back to work.


nice! but you should optimize the textures. 64x64 ist tooo much and there is quite some repetition/wastage!


While I admit that I wasted a lot of space on the tower’s texture and I could’ve added highlights and stuff to the quad towers, you have to realize that I simply can’t get the texture resolution I want with 32x32s. 16x16s are completely out of the question for buildings like this (unless it’s for LODs). I’ve also been avoiding using multiple texture sheets since that would require multiple texture-reading passes with whatever system these were on and would therefore eat up battery power and waste loading time. As for repetition, I’m sure you already know but I mirrored the UVs like crazy so I could get more texture detail into those areas.

I’ve been thinking about redoing the tower’s texture, so when I do I’ll have a daytime texture for it along with less repetition around the bottom.

I’m going to post all of this stuff in the finished work section when one of two things happens. 1) I finish the city, or 2) I get sick of doing them. I don’t see 2 as a likely thing since they’re very fun to make and they only take a 2-4 hours to model and texture, even if I want to put lots of detail into the textures. I’m sure that time will reduce once I get used to painting at such low resolution and I get more proficient with UV unwrapping.

Now I must be off. I should have another model later today along with the bridge’s final texture.


No real huge update from last time, but I just got frustrated with the bridge’s texture. I wanted it to look clean and efficient while being stylish, but I just couldn’t pull it off with my low poly/low texture resolution budget. I’ll come back some time and redo the bridge, I think. sigh

The cables are just crossed double-sided quads, by the way. Thanks for the suggestion, eMPeck. :slight_smile:

And here I am experimenting with a stadium. I know nothing about sports or stadiums in general so I’m going to have to do some research to find out what different stadiums are like and how each differs.

As always, more updates tomorrow. I’m probably going to do a “temples week” or something in which I do a bunch of different kinds of churches or places of worship. Giant cathedrals, mosques, Buddhist temples, synago… sino… dammit! I’ve never been able to spell that cursed word. :banghead: Anyways! Stuff like that is always fun to research and learn about, so I think I’ll have a good time.


Its synagogs.

Anyway, I like your mini models. I’m very tempted to do some myself.

One suggestion: Since you dont repeated textures for the windows and walls sections of the buildings (theyre one piece on the texture) , you can put in a gradient that becomes darker near the bottom. Put the gradient in a layer over the wall, and set it to multiply. Make sure to put em under the windows layer. This way it will give the model slightly more depth, and a little lighted look.

Oh and you could add some 1 poly antenna’s to the buildings.

Rock on!


Oh, jeez! I used a gradient on the first building, the light blue one, but I just “missed” I suppose. And of course I don’t see the blindingly obvious fact that I can use blending modes.

Go ahead and make some of your own; buildings like this are a really easy and quite fun. I’m sure they’d be even easier for somebody like you who’s actually done some game art before. Anyways, find something fun and make it if you’re not interested in buildings or spaceships. I’d love to see what could be done with dinosaurs or vehicles.


Looking good swiz! I had to make a stadium for MS Flight SIm a few weeks back, and the thing that surprised me is how small the field is in relation to the rest of the size of the stadium, it was about 1/9th of the total area from a top down view. That’s about all there is to them though :slight_smile: unless you are doing a baseball stadium, those usually have pretty different layouts. keep em comin!


Ok, the stadium! My day was filled up yesterday, so I got barely any time to do this one. Anyways, it’s finished up now and here it is. I realize that I could’ve cut the triangle count nearly in half with more careful planning, but I hate sports and their respective stadiums and spending more time on this was going to make me go bonkers.

By the way, I was too lazy to figure out how I was going to do all the lines on the field with the number of pixels on hand. You sports nuts are going to have to live with the fact that the stadium and its field are rather amateurishly done.


swizzle, i wouldn’t draw out every inch of chalk on the field, but implied lines here and there would probably pseak more, maybe three horizontal down the field, and a small circular grouping in the dead center.

just a thought, i like the thread by the way