mini iron man , christophe desse (3D)


Title: mini iron man
Name: christophe desse
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Maya, Mudbox

my friend olivier couston ( aka pussycat here on cgtalk ) did send me his mini iron man to play with .
olivier did model it in max and i did rework and uv’s it in maya / texturing in mudbox and rendering in octane


fantastic…hahahah :bowdown: :applause:


Nice DoF and extreme texturing.
Love it :wink:


very good idea by the mini iron man i like it 2much the details & amazing textures or old textures

keep on & goodluck


Thank you …
Here two more rendering


outstanding renders Christophe!


m’kay, not bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Now the version on my portfolio looks like shit. Thank you


Very nice!


I read now you’ve used Octane…impressive! I know it’s an unbiased render but it’s pretty fast 'cause it uses gpu. How long does it take for rendering you iron man?

@pussycat: Not true, you did an extreme job too. :wink:

Many compliments guys!


Love Olivier’s model and love what you have done with him, cool render.

Nice damage, looks like how I would imagine Iron Man’s grandad would look like, all aged and knackered :wink:


Pretty slick. :thumbsup:
First time I’ve heard of Octane for rendering … going to check it out now. Would love to see more of a breakdown of how you made your texture passes. Do you prefer mudbox for direct to model texture painting than zbrush?


Nice detail and render!


really nice! :thumbsup:


superb. like the textures , renders… nice job.


nice texture dude… :cool:


making please




Really nice texturing and shaders, and the model is really stylishly done by your friend too. I was actually surprised to read that you hadn’t modelled this, as it totally looks like something you’d have made. This would make a great figurine. Plugged!


Hey Christophe, what was the rendertime on those bad boy renders? Haven’t had time to play around much with Octane, since I got my GTX480, but it would be nice to hear some rendertimes on those :slight_smile:

Nice work!


Great job all round. Nice effort with the scratched metal shader :stuck_out_tongue:
If one thing doesnt quite fit its the glows - the edges look too sharp - comp issue?