MINI-Challenge, m@ VS fellah - "Fighters"


heya all,

don’t be fooled by the name “mini”, this will be the start of a big battle between m@ and me!!
just yesteday i started a similar thread in the 3d section with another friend… but, I hate m@ so much… and he hates me alooot… so we decided to do a smilar one, but in 2D!

we will try to start of easy, with simple characters. and then add to them as we go along to make our personal character the strongest one!

the rules: (reserved for changes :wink: )

  • one update/day!
  • the same person can’t post 2 updates in a row. we will have to wait for the other one to post before we can post a new update.

lets get drawing :wink:


:applause: okay, ladies first ! I’m waiting for your concept !


pff… atleast you speak well… i think this character is strong enough to beat you… :applause:


Ok, maybe he doesn’t need any special weapons.

But I wish him some goddamn luck if he stumbles upon :


Clap Clap Clap! :applause:


‘Yes, he was eating popcorn and then he walked into a dog strapped with explosives…’

Now that is a way to go!


you f… sadic !


easy move…

now it’s just the geeky-kid VS the old lady left, and I dont need any weapon to beat her just yet :wink:


hahaha good one ! now I’ll go to sleep and think about that . Could go the easy way (mouse-cheese etc…) gotta find a funnier thing though :wink:



fellah …oh poor fellah…:stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, to not start and run after this cat, he needs something to occupy his mind !


ahahahah such a poor attempt to get away! :smiley:

time to stop playing easy with you now, next update will be hard on you…!!!


when he says he’s hard on you.

it has nothing to do with CG :scream:

watch your back !


So hard that it disapeard my viking friend ! :slight_smile:


Thats a damn shame, stappin dogs with dynamites and shit,LOL. I will keep up with this thread…holla!:thumbsup:


This is ace! dynamite dog was a good one! jejejejeje


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