mini-challenge: Lord Blue vs Nebezial


Let the battle begin! Neb has accepted his doom… err i mean my challenge!

Same rules apply as the last challenge, its not about who’s art is better (because Neb’s style is like my polar opposite).

With that said, i think i will pick ‘Artifact’ as my main element (all the MTG players know where i am going here!)

So like any intelligent sorcerer, i will start this battle by guarding myself! I summon forth the Plasma Wall of Sectorium!! So much magic protection…hehe :wip:


just came to check the battle field… sooo those orbs are powering ur defense eh… be back tomorrow…MWAHAHAHAHA:twisted: be afraiid be very afraiid


This will be fun…
Very fun…:smiley:


Flips through his Scemetics

Take your time, i have have enough here to last a while. Till then, since i already know what is your next attack cackles, i will begin the production of its destruction.


It does indeed appear to be “on”.

It also looks like Nebezial is removing the kid gloves Blue… I hope you know what you’re doing…
(you did see his Conan right? That dude was pretty ripped…)



It will take something special to outdo my Schematics!

flips through his blueprints with pride

I don’t think a warrior with a metal stick can even penetrate my wall, nonetheless battle my machines! :twisted:


well first ill create the shrine to the devourer and it will eat all the energy of ur wall


and then ill level it down with my metal behemoth


woo ownage :smiley:


nice one nebz, that first on roxx my soxx:D:D:D


That metal behemoth reminds me alot of the boss monster In FFVII when you escape from the shinra building on the motorcycle. Heheh this is getting very interesting.


A valid attempt! But futile at best… for you see, all you are doing is providing me with raw materials!

Gaze upon my legion; The Severing Scarabs!

Watch as they disassemble your Shrine and Behemoth, reducing them to mere scrap iron! Scrap, which i intend to make very good use of…


Let’s go Nebezial, kick out some little ass’ :thumbsup:


nice move lord blue :applause: :applause:


Neb, your scrap metal is starting to rust!


I dunno… there may be alot of those metal bug things… but I’m not convinced that they could take down those 2 awesome monsters which Nebezial has conjured…





Think of it as an entire ant colony taking down two mice. :slight_smile:


(was playing around in painter… decided to make this more interesting. :wink: )

It seems a time trigger has released in my Scarabs. The elemental powers stored inside from devouring your shrine were too much… Folowing there initial programming they form… an elemental made of Water and Darkness! :twisted:


nice move.
and now…nebz it’s your turn!