Mini Challenge: Fabric


Hi all,
the vote on the mini challenge poll was pretty clear, so here it is.
Goal of the challenge is to create a fabric material using the procedural shaders that come with CINEMA 4D only. Please note, it’s procedurals only, no bitmaps allowed.
The basic scene for the challenge can be found here: (220 KB will work with CINEMA 4D R8 and up)
You can add lighting and materials to your hearts desire, but the meshes have to stay unmodified.

     The challenge will run for one week, ending on thursday 16th 12 pm.

At that time a rendering (at least 640x480 and not more then 1024x768) and the scenefile have to be submitted in this thread. Posting WIP, tricks an tips etc. is encouraged, but not mandatory. It’s enough if you post your result just before the end.

We have two prizes waiting for the best entries, the first is a Maxon MOCCA coffee cup hand signed by the developers and the second is a dark blue Maxon Poloshirt.
Big thanks to Leigh, who will be the judge of this challenge.

     Have fun


the material seems to be quite easy, but is there a tut for how to make the cloth?


I think it is made with clothilde (didn´t look at the file yet). A simple plane as cloth and a collider. Clothilde rocks!!! :buttrock:


Thanks tonfarben for the info.

I can immitate clothilde just by extruding the plane. This gives me also a thick edge.

What would be interesting to know is how that collider works creating this smooth waves out of the plane cum torus.


Ok, here’s my try. By no means perfect, there are some artifacts, but i like the general look of the fabric. It’s fun to do, so i’ll probably do more:



Yes i had a little fun with this also. Here 2 materials i created:



Very nice and fuzzy result there, Andrzej :thumbsup:

I somehow assumed that whatever is hidden under the cloth here is filled with dough about to rise, which according to most experts require a kitchen towel to be placed upon the dough in question. So:

I’ll probably make some changes later on, so I’ll hold the file upload until I’ve decided it’s finished.

Btw, Björn, is the deadline on thursday OR the 17th? At least in my calendar, these two events do not converge :stuck_out_tongue:



somewhat tweedy sort of stuff


Thanks :slight_smile:


Srek can we use SPD?


i have allready use it:

here is the scene (r9):


I have to say i’m really impressed so far, so many good results in a so short time :slight_smile: Congrats guys.


The fuzzy effect on my previous one is just a lot of tiny hair (Hair dept.) with low transparency (turned the refractions off), and some softening and color correction in Photoshop.

Now, 2 new ones:


Anything but bitmaps. It has to be part of CINEMA, so no 3d party shaders.


Nice work guys. You should post your materials … hint, hint

How long to render all that SPD iladi?


Damn, should i ever enter :-/ Jeez these entries look good. Starts Cinema and Crosses Fingers.


rendered in the viewport (it is a a screen-capture): more than 20 minutes, but less than 30. pIV 2,4 mhz (no HT), 1 gig of ram.


wow, nice results, seems like SPD is the way to go for fuzzy/furry fabric.

I tried some shiny fabric

and here the file:



Nice work Bobtronic, I want to do this too. I’ll have to DL the file when I get home tonight.


OK, here’s my quick attempt at a towel: