MINI CHALLENGE: 20 awsome Cyborgs, waiting to be modelled


Hello CGtalkies,

In an attempt to stimulate some more collaborations between the cgtalkies, we are having a little experiment on an Across-the-Board Mini Challenge. This has nothing to do with the official challenges at all BTW.
Here’s the original 2D Concept Challenge.

This is the thing:

  • Pick the concept you find most interesting and model the thing.
  • Do you want to texture it aswell? Please do and make us happy! But it’s optional.
  • This is a collaboration thread, so discuss your entrie with the concepter.
  • Whatever you do with the model/render etc., don’t credit yourself for the concept. The concepter gets the credits for that. And the modeller will allways get the concepter’s credit for the model offcourse.

Some things to keep it all pleasant:

  • Use your common sense. Doubles are not a problem, but please don’t give us 20 times the same concept modelled.
  • We do not wish to see the forums filled with cyborgs. So post everything about your entrie in THIS exact thread! If you choose not to, your thread will get terminated without any mercy!
  • This might become a very long thread, so try to limit your amount of WIPs and cheers to keep it all readable.
  • Rules are not open for negotiation. This is it. Resistance is futile.

Have fun! Let the modelling begin… jeroentje :beer:

We would appreciate it if you could host your piece from a server.
For free hosting places check out , , . (Links to) free upload software can be found there aswell and also at Or do a search in your favorite search engine. When attaching is your only option: so be it.


here is my concept Jeroentje (I’ve finally found some free time to do it!!) :wink: !

Hope you will like this Cyborg guys.




Soooo, I did it as far as the conceptual stage, ala Craig Mullins (I thank him 1000 times a day!), rather rough, but about as finished as you’ll get from me on Laborday Weekend :beer:

Thanks that was a great break from the many projects that are due this week, thanks again and I look forward to the next one.



Here’s my cyborg. The old ver. got lost in the server crash. (I hope I still get one update:D) It’s still pretty messy, but I think it’s coming along. I hope it meets everyone’s standards.btw tell me if it’s too big.


Good start Cockofthewok, but it might be hard for a modeler to understand all the shapes of him in that stance.

Here’s my entry. I was trying to think of an interesting way to combine man and machine, and I remembered a very old sketch I drew… could be 6-8 years old. It’s always been one of my favourites, and the characters are perfect for a cyborg idea.

Here’s a link to the old original scene called “PLiGhT of The SPiDER PEoPLE”:

It’s a poor scan, and I’m not sure where the original is now, but you get the idea.

Here’s the current concept:


hi guys…
i’ve made this a long time ago…this is a main character of a short story i wrote (it’s about a.i. and so…and the bad bad mankind that robbed the planet and such stuff!)
it’s not the best drawing…but i hope you like it


ups…i guess i didn’t read your posts much carefully! sorry!
so i think i’ll post some pics later!

waiting for your work jeroentje!

and for now this one…


Oh what the hell… here she is, it’s been finished for days.

I tried to keep a bit of 1930/40’s feeling in it and used oldfashioned switches and buttons. Texture should be brown leather like them old double winged flying machine pilots.
I overdid it a bit in the rendering maybe, but I loved the piece and lost myself in detailing. Not really necessairy for the challenge, but I thought maybe some nice info for a modeller.


Here’s my first concept. (surely we can post 2-3?)
I’ll use my “2nd allowed post” for a cleaner and colored version if I have time.


Here is one from me!


ok, well… I suppose I’ll give it a go…

I did this drawing a while ago… it’s a finished peice… I really like drawing but I’m learning 3d now so I haven’t really had time to make any “pictures”… mostly sketches… I blurred the BG so that the character is easier to see… I’m actually curious to hear what people think of this peice actually…



My concept:D


Lot’s of cool entrees. Here be mine…

female cyborg - back view - and some smoke :slight_smile:


This is my cyborg, a sort of cyborgcop of the future, he can´t kiss, but can caress.

I went for a comic style, but i can´t get the happy result, so i just applied a bunch of filters. If anyone wants to color it i´ve got the bigger size sketch and the inked linedraw in ps6.


hi everyone,

i have heard a lot talk about cgtalk. it’s said to be the best online community, dunno wether you know that :wink:
anyways, this is a very cool thread and a nice place for a debut, i thought. allthough i have to admit that i’m not a great drawer. but hey, who cares.

here’s mine:

pretty unfinished as you can see. but it’s a concept.
hope you like, comments welcome

Stauder for everyone! :beer:
edit: Grolsch for jeroentje :wink:


Well, I’m not much of a tech artist (I usually do soft and squishies) so feel free to take some liberties with the design when modelling. Can’t wait to see how these turn out in 3D.

If someone does this in Maya I wouldn’t mind getting a copy of the file so I can try some animations with it. I’m not really a modeller :shrug: Have fun and let me know if you need anything for the modelling process.


Here’s my entrie!
Didn’t really get those copper parts right,i find metal difficult to draw.But if anyone should chose to model this,metal shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:

Kirt: i love your concept,it’s kind of a parodie on those aibo dogs.
Jeroentje: good idea for a thread ,keep those coming ,i’ll try to keep on joining them. "gefeliciteerd "on the mod-job by the way.
sleepless:looking forward to your colored version.i’m a fan of your work!


And here’s my entry, based on one of my younger brother’s… er… visions.

If anyone should want to model this… I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ll have any time to refine and/or discuss the design. :frowning:


a super quicky.