Mind If I Drink?, Matt Burdette (3D)


Title: Mind If I Drink?
Name: Matt Burdette
Country: United States
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

A still from a local access commercial I worked on for a historic hotel’s new outdoor martini bar. This was also sort of an exercise in mental ray shaders, which I’m digging heavily, and use of the new physical sky/sun, which I’m also digging very heavily. Rendered all out in mental ray, built in Maya, and then a little bit of color correction in Photoshop. Critiques absolutely welcome.


its not to mind any way
god jop with camera
nice drink:)


No offence, it’s a very nice image and all, but, have you ever made a martini? Blenders are not involved my friend. A shaker and bucket of ice, that’s where it’s at!


Hahaha, no sir I am well aware, thats just what they wanted in the shot so, hey. Who am I to argue? :slight_smile:


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