Minas Tirith Project || Part 2


Here is my wip. Don’t pay attention to the other things in de upper right corner. I am working on the textures. Comments are most welcome.


It’s a very nice start for this building! But we prefer to first model the whole city, and after that we’ll start texturing, so plz stop texturing and go moddeling :shrug: :slight_smile:


Well. Then i’m finished now with this building.


:thumbsup: Like it !
Wich building is it (The code) and wich building do you prefer to make now (If you’re going to make a new one).


Well… I like texturing more than modelling. So… i’d like to try some texturing stuff. If you don’t mind. I don’t like to deliver half work. It aint much without textures you see.


That’s cool that you are more into texturing, i’ve been discussing about that with Pjanssen before he went in holidays, and from what i remember the idea was to make ONE building fully textured in order to test the real-time engine with “final” quality / speed. I think the biggest / most important building would be perfect for that, aka. The Great Hall that Pjanssen modeled. It’s around 1 million polys. But you’ll have to wait him to be back next week so that we can decide something, maybe you can model a few buildings more in the mean time ?

Normally you’d have to assign materials and texture coordinates to the models, and paint a diffuse texture, but also a bump map ( grayscale ) and a gloss/specular map for each material.

TakkU: there is no way this model could be displayed in UT2004. It’s far too high poly, you’d need someone to make a low-poly version of it, but that’s a completely different project in itself.



hey, i’m likin’ this project. i think that i might like to give you guys a hand. sign me up.


@ HawVer: Like Ysaneya said, it’s bether to model first, we’r gonna texture it when everything is moddeled, so it isn’t usefull if you’re going to texture already…


Wow, this project has made quite the progress since I last looked at it. Keep up the good work guys!

Ysaneya: I absolutely love the realtime viewer you’ve been making. I never thought something like this would be possible. Do you think you’re going to want to post your source code when you’re finished? Or do you want to keep it a secret. I’d love to see just how it was made and hopefully “borrow” some ideas out of the code. If not though I totally understand. It’s a great piece of work. Keep it up.


Sorry, but i’m not going to release the source code. It took me years of research to get to this kind of results and i’m hoping to make my engine go commercial one day. Note: there is more to it than “just that”… here’s an example for another project, using per-pixel lighting/shadows with normal mapping, gloss mapping, offset/parallax mapping and all the tralala:

But if you have some questions on the implementation i can always discuss the ideas/algorithms.

Back “on-topic”. I’ve finally added shadows to the Minas Tirith model:


I’ve also been playing with another model, which is one million triangles too:



Looks nice, that demo, but the fps is quitte low this time, isn’t it?

Maybe can you send me the demo over msn, or is it on the internet already?


Well it’s just a work in progress :slight_smile: There’s a lot of features missing to help for the performance, that’s why i haven’t released a new demo yet.



Fair enough. I probably wouldn’t be able to understand it anyways. But do you think you can explain in laymans terms how you can get such decent playback with such high density meshes? That would help me out a lot. I’m a newbie programmer and i’ve just started learning graphics programming.


very nice with the shadows, even without textures:thumbsup: . i can’t wait to see the finished model.


Are you going to release a Linux version of your viewer? Since you are planning to go commercial with it, IMO it should be important to have it cross-plattform compatible.


By “playback” you mean framerate ? Well the framerate is not very high, to be honnest. The original demo (without shadows) ran at 40 fps with one million triangles in the view on my Radeon 9700, so that’s more or less 40 MTris/sec. There’s no real secret except putting all the geometry in the graphics card’s video memory instead of system memory, in order to avoid unnecessary bandwidth transfers every frame. The demo also does frustum culling on the CPU, but that’s pretty much all… it’s quite brute force.

The version with shadows is a bit more intelligent - it splits the scene into small “cubes” and assigns a dynamic shadow map to each one. The resolution of each shadow map is adaptative to the distance to the viewer. That way, a piece of geometry that is far away only gets a 128x128 shadow map, while a closer one could get a 1024x1024. Shadow maps are stored in a cache and only recomputed as necessary. The cost of applying shadow maps is around 50% - so the framerate went from 40 fps down to 20 fps, but i was expecting that.

I still have to implement two major features in order to get an acceptable framerate with the whole city textured & lit: occlusion culling ( not displaying what’s behind walls ), and level of detail ( to reduce the complexity of objects in the distance ). With these i am hoping to get a constant 50 fps while walking in the city, with full details/textures.

Yes, but not before a few months, until the engine matures a bit. Until then i’ll stick to releasing the demo under Windows…



i am a fan of the movies. I’m currently reading tolkiens books as well. After looking at your demo program and your website, i want in.

My experience is with lightwave 3d. I’m trying to get better structural modeling experience with lightwave so i’d prefer not to attempt any other programs right now. I’ll start small and until i get the swing of things.

Just let me know if there are any pluggins or file formats i need to aquire before starting…


here, i tried to pic a structure that i didn’t see done yet. 2-rf-01


Hi folks,
I’m back. I’ve had quite a nice holiday the past two weeks. Mostly nice weather and a location near the beach, what do you want more ? :wink:
I allso did quite a lot of (race)cycling. Denmark is a beautifull country for it.

I didn’t do as much sketching for this project as I had planned to, just didn’t come to it. I’ll post some soon.

Oh and I’ve made my best vacation-picture ever :slight_smile:

It’s a young little bird that I found on the roadside. He was just about to cross the road with a lot of cars driving on it, so we dicided to put him back in the bushes where the other birds were. (And yes, he’s sitting on my dad’s hand here, he just jumped on it when he tried to block his way towards the road :love: )


I finished that building and it’s nearby buidling to try to finish the structure 2-rf-01