Minas Tirith Project || Part 2


Welcome to the new thread for The Minas Tirith Project!

[left]First of all, some people who are not new here might ask to themselves, why a new thread? Well, there are three reasons. First the old thread had reached over 400 replies, so to keep a good overview on things we decided to start a new thread. Secondly, we take this new thread as a chance to write down the goals, the way we organise things and current progress clearly for everyone. And last, but certainly not least, the new [website](http://www.minastirithproject.com) is finished and this is a good chance to make sure everyone cooperating on this project sees it.[/left]
[left]Our goal with this project is to model, texture and render the marvellous city from The Lord of the Rings, Minas Tirith. We will try to keep as close to the movies as possible and to put maximum detail in this city, so we will make highpoly models and highres textures. When everything is modelled, rendered and lit, we’ll render a movie. There are no storyboards or other plans for that, but that will come in the future. We will also try to create a realtime viewer of the city. This seems crazy when you consider the polycount (millions of polygons), but in our team is a professional graphics programmer, Ysaneya, who is currently working on it and he says that it is possible![/left]
[b]For the latest version, check [](http://%3C/b%3E%3C/font%3E%3C/font%3E%3C/font%3E%3Cfont%20color=%22yellow%22%3E%3Cfont%20size=%223%22%3E%3Cfont%20face=%22Times%20New%20Roman%22%3E%3Cb%3Ehttp://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=4424340&postcount=2366)[/b][](http://%3C/b%3E%3C/font%3E%3C/font%3E%3C/font%3E%3Cfont%20color=%22yellow%22%3E%3Cfont%20size=%223%22%3E%3Cfont%20face=%22Times%20New%20Roman%22%3E%3Cb%3Ehttp://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=4424340&postcount=2366)[](http://%3C/b%3E%3C/font%3E%3C/font%3E%3C/font%3E%3Cfont%20color=%22yellow%22%3E%3Cfont%20size=%223%22%3E%3Cfont%20face=%22Times%20New%20Roman%22%3E%3Cb%3Ehttp://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=4424340&postcount=2366)[](http://%3C/b%3E%3C/font%3E%3C/font%3E%3C/font%3E%3Cfont%20color=%22yellow%22%3E%3Cfont%20size=%223%22%3E%3Cfont%20face=%22Times%20New%20Roman%22%3E%3Cb%3Ehttp://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=4424340&postcount=2366)[[b]this post[/b]](http://%3C/b%3E%3C/font%3E%3C/font%3E%3C/font%3E%3Cfont%20color=%22yellow%22%3E%3Cfont%20size=%223%22%3E%3Cfont%20face=%22Times%20New%20Roman%22%3E%3Cb%3Ehttp://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=4424340&postcount=2366)
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[left][b][font=Arial Black][size=3][/b][/font][/size][/left]

The organisation of this project is quite simple: people can join us, model a building and send it to us. 
We’ll assemble all the buildings into the one final city. 
[b]Important: Before you’re starting to post enthusiastic and start asking questions, we would like to advice you to read the FaQ on the [/b][[b]website[/b]](http://www.minastirithproject.com) [b]first. [/b]
[b]Project leader:[/b]
Pier Janssen (Pjanssen)
[b]Assistant Project Leader:[/b]
Wilco de Kreij (WdeKreij)
[b]Lead Modellers:[/b]
Alejandro Santamaria (AMoN-AMoK)
Pier Janssen (Pjanssen)
Simon Barsky (Synthesizer)
Chris Radcliffe (powersurge5000)
Juan Gonzalez (Gomo_o)
Darren Frenette (Dern)
Nicholas Kato (nkato)
Philip Avakian (phil_boy)
Török Csaba (theobaldo)
Alan Hernandez (alancran)
Raul Varela (rava12)
Will Chandler (energia)
[b]Props modeller:[/b]
Josh Staker (Terkonn)
[b]Concept artist:[/b]
Pablo Eirín (Bogoux)
[b]Graphics Programmer:[/b]
Flavien Brebion (Ysaneya)
[b]Matte painter:[/b]
Vial Rouat (Zon Wernor)
Philip Avakian (phil_boy)
[b][b][color=yellow]Music and sounddesign:[/b]
Alex Pfeffer (Waywyn)
[/color][/b][b]Texture Artist:[/b]
[b]Building Mapper:[/b]
Josh Staker (Terkonn)
[b]Website Developper:[/b]
Wilco de Kreij (WdeKreij)
Here are some frequently seen issues considering the organisation:
[i]-I want to join! But how?[/i]
[Check out this post.](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=4548393&postcount=2516)
[i]-Which building should I model?[/i]
If you don’t know which building you should pick, post a reply in this thread, and we’ll have a look for you. If you like some kind of special type of building (tower for instance), tell us.
We will also give you a code, referring to the map, for any building that you’ll model.
[i]-I have no clue about where my building is, so I can’t find reference images?[/i]
For this problem, we’ve created a map of the city. This has codes on it, so we can easily name a building, without tons of descriptions, or images. 
Reference images can be found on the [website](http://www.minastirithproject.com)
[i]-I want to start texturing, is that possible?[/i]
No, not yet. For this issue, please look at the FaQ, where it is all made clear why.
If you’ve got any questions considering the organisation, please take a look at the FaQ at the website. And if you don’t have an answer to your question after that, you can email me.
Here are some stills of models that are done in the previous months of this project.
On the [website](http://www.minastirithproject.com) you’ll find a list of members that are currently working on this project. There you’ll also find renders of all the buildings that are finished.

[[img]http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/549/mttotal122rightct2.th.jpg[/img]](http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/549/mttotal122rightct2.jpg) [[img]http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/8867/mttotal122middlemc2.th.jpg[/img]](http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/8867/mttotal122middlemc2.jpg) [[img]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/209/mttotal122leftjy0.th.jpg[/img]](http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/209/mttotal122leftjy0.jpg) [[img]http://img409.imageshack.us/img409/9758/mttotal122topch6.th.jpg[/img]](http://img409.imageshack.us/img409/9758/mttotal122topch6.jpg)
If you’ve got any further questions, please take a look at the FaQ on the [website](http://www.minastirith-project.com/) first, before mailing or posting in this thread. That keeps it easy for us all.
And at last I would like to say that I hope that you’ll all enjoy this project!
On behalf of the whole team:
-P. Janssen
-W. de Kreij
Link to the previous thread:


Yes, here’s the second part of our project!!

I hope there will be more ppl to join our team, cause we really need more help!!

Soon I’ll post some new WIP from my side, so hold one :wink:

I’ll update the site soon either, cause the renders aren’t available yet.


So here it is, the new thread. :smiley:
I’m still updating the startpost, because there are some things that need to be fixed. I hope to finish it before I go on my holiday.


Hey PJanssen and wdekereij, well done. nice startpost and the website looks even very usefull especially the “progress” module. next week I’am a week free from work so then I’ll post updates.


Thnx for the compliments, and (like I said before) I will add a system for renderer WIPS soon, I guess next week.


Well, here’s a little update of the White Tower.
I’m still not really satisfied with it though…


Sorry for not posting after I said that I’ll model the third gate, but I was really occupied in the last weeks. I saw the codes were removed. I managed to start the building, but I saw that kjwjansen finished it, even if I was supposed do do it. Anyway, I don’t think that I could have finished the gate so quickly.
In the next weeks, I’ll have some free time … so, if you have some nice building for me to model, I’ll do it A.S.A.P. :thumbsup:

that’s the gate that I had to model:
[ img] c:/cap [/img]


Ehm, Kjwjansen modelled the fourth gate, you had the third :wink:
Sorry for removing your codes. But I hope that you can understand that I can’t keep the codes reserved for ever when someone doesn’t post anything for months.

Now that I heard that you still want to continue working on this project, I’ll put you back into the list of members.


nope. Kjwjansen has posted an image with the gate that he modelled, and that’s the same with the image I posted earlyer. Anyway I’ll modell another building, so, forget it. I’ll look in the Refs gallery on the site to choose another building. By the way… great site.


Hmm, you’re right, I made a mistake in the list.
4-gate still needs to be modelled though. But the problem with that one is that I don’t have a single reference of it (same with the gate / stairs going from the fifth to the sixt level…)


Off-topic… but not completely.

I’m working on an implementation of shadow mapping for the real-time viewer. I’m currently testing on a complex boat model ( half a million polys )… the framerate is good when you don’t move but i still have issues ( bad stuttering ) when you move, which i’m trying to fix. Here are 2 screenshots:

Hopefully i can reuse this technique for the full Minas Tirith model… ( *crosses his fingers cough * ).



Allright, this will be the last update from me for a while. I’m going on a holiday to Denmark for two weeks.
Wilco (wdekreij) will take the organisation for the coming two weeks. You can reach him by email, see ‘contact’ on the website or of coarse you can use this thread.

I hope to see a lot of updates when I’m back :wink: See you all in two weeks!

Oh and the update of coarse :stuck_out_tongue:
I started with the second gate today:


@ Ysaneya: that’s looking good, I did not have knowledge about programming the feateres what you do, but it looks pretty nice.

@ PJanssen: very nice wip, and a pretty holliday for the next 2 weeks.


great website, but I think there is a fault on the progress page. there are no links on the words “here” to download the realtime demo and the map with all modeled buildings in it.


Another test, with a church model i’ve found on the net, 100k polys, textured and shadowed with antialiasing… just to give a preview of what Minas Tirith could look like ( though i must admit you’ll need a very powerful machine to run the full city at that level of quality ).



Hello all, I’m here in Greece on the island of Crete. It is sooo hot here! I am having lots of fun and it looks like I missed alot in just the past week or so. I can occationally get on the internet so I saw the new thread and website. Everything is looking great so far:thumbsup: I will be back in a week and a half, so keep up the good work. Yasou! (Good bye in Greek)


Maybe this is also an helpful image of the whole city


I want to join!!.


That’s wonderfull to hear!!

Just curious: Do you have some 3d experience yet?

If you go to http://minastirith.endless-dimensions.com and click on “refs” there are much images. Maybe you can find a building you like. If you’ve found on, post here wich one it is, and I’ll check it, so there will not be two people moddeling the same building.


Wow this project looks great!!! I am really looking forward seeing this city fully modelled!!! And i have a question to: I am making a LOTR Modification for Unreal Tournament 2004 amd we are recruiting, so if you want to help us, send an email to el_condorjo@hotmail.com or visis our forum at http://totr.iglobal.be/forum or our website: http://totr.iglobal.be/www