Mimic MotionBuilder with Maya 6?


Hello! I’m trying to “mimic” motion builder’s selection HUD. This makes it easy to select controllers without having to hunt them down in the persp view. Often times, pole vector controllers get “lost” into the geo, slowing down workflow just to select them.

So, I created a crude HUD with curves and polys. Locked the rotate/scale/translate. Parented to the camera.

Now, all I need to figure out is how to set it up so that when I “click” on, say, the elbow ICON, it’ll “select” the elbow controller. and so forth? I don’t want to use Set Driven Key, because the point is NOT to create a trigger, but rather to make selecting one of the circles equivilant to selecting a “controller”.

Is this possible??


Here’s a pic:


I preffer to just make a new attribute on the hand/foot controller that will rotate the pole vector constrained object to twist my knees/elbows, makes it easier for me.

But yes, it shouldn’t be too hard to connect the controls. It depends on how you want to do it though. Do you want to make it so that the user HAS to use the elbow icon on your custom HUD to move these PV controls, or do you want them to be able to key both the HUD, AND, the actual knee/elbow control as well??? If you want them to only use the HUD to control this, then you should be able to connect this control’s value to the rotate or translate attribute on the control (depending on how you have it set up). If you want the control to say, go from -10 to 10, then you could set this up using an expression or utility node to say, multiply this value (ranging from -10 to 10, or whatever you choose), by say, 20, so that it rotates more and yadda yadda.

Yah yah.


Oh, and to answer your original question, the only way I could think of making it so you’re actually selecting the control itself when you select the corresponding HUD item would be to parent that HUD control to the control, using parent -r -shape or something like that…

However that would also make it inherit the translations and such from the control, so your HUD item would be moving as well, I believe. Not sure what would happen if you had it’s translates locked though. But I think it would be better to have this act as a “trigger”, using utility nodes, myself.


When I got MB I seemed to recall thinking that the selection was a lot like the Animan rig setup, which might be of interest to you:



Yep! That’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for, although not so much an entire proceedural skeletal setup. Just a simple UI that includes a pic of a generic biped and buttons which can be modified.

Too bad it only works on Maya 5. Also, like Anthony Ward’s “Creature Tools” rigg, lots of the tools only work if you use the autorigg that’s provided.

Looking for something that’s just like the shot you attached, but simple as a easy way to select controllers that might not be so easy to find in the viewport.

I’ll keep looking :slight_smile:



Not sure for what version… but Keegan has C3. It allows you to create custom UIs that look similar enough to those from MB.


(Just verified, version 2 works for Maya 5.x and 6.x)


Good looking out, polywoggles! Good looking out, indeed! Works like a charm! I’m loving it. Sooo much easier to animate now.



Simply one of the best scripts I’ve used! Thanks again all for helping.


I think zooTriggered.mel is what you are looking for:




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