Milo And The Rainbow Nasties!!, Warthog Games (3D)


Title: Milo And The Rainbow Nasties!!
Name: Warthog Games
Country: Uk
Software: Photoshop 6.0

This is a promotional image for a game idea i’ve been working on at Warthog (UK). I designed the characters based on a rough concept document and have been producing more concepts for this on-and-off for the last few months…

I’m not sure how it’ll go down on cgtalk because it’s a lot less ‘painterly’ than virtually everything else i’ve seen posted. It’s done in photoshop primarily because i could paint it quickly and (more importantly) erase quickly to get the shapes i wanted. The simpicity of the shapes and colours were a stylistic decision based on the main principles of the game idea. This is my first post outside of the ‘Machineflesh’ forum.

The image is from Xmas 2003, but i’ve been waiting for Warthog to release details before i could show it. It’s not even on my website yet!!

The basic premise of the game is that Milo (the kid) goes on a fishing trip with his dad. The boat gets caught in a freak storm. Milo wakes up on a beach alone, except for Chamille (his cuddly toy Chameleon who has mysteriously come to life). And if that’s not bad enough, the whole world has been sucked dry of colour. Milo discovers that Chamille can shoot colour out of his mouth, when you give him a good squeeze, so he sets about colouring the world back in… which is complicated by the nasty creatures who stole the colour in the first place…

I’ve got some other character designs that i’ll post on this thread over the next couple of days…

Hope y’all like it…


I like the concept, its very orginal. The ocotpus looks wonderful, especially the emotion expressed through the eyes.


I like it a lot! perhaps the dark hair of Milo is a bit unfortunate because of the dark octopuss behind it, but I like the sketchy style of the illustration (more colourbook than vector art) and the expressions are indeed very nicely done.
More :smiley:


now that’s a really fun style!

It would be great if this style gets carried over into the final product…as opposed to the clean 3D shaded stuff you see all the time (think spyro/crash/et al)

Looking forward to more concepts!


Simply lovely image… very impressive…


Thanks for the comments…

Chobz: i’ve got another version of the octopus with both eyes wide open, but prefered this ‘squiffy’ look!!

Renszu: i know what you mean about the hair. On work monitor there was a clear distinction between Milo’s hair and the background, but on some other monitors i’ve seen the image on it gets lost. The image was primarily for print (it’s actually A3 and was for the wall in the office and as a cover for a document) and it also suffers from the same problem on various different printers (fine on the work printer… a bit too dark on my home printer). I should probably lighten his hairt a bit!! Or put some highlight on it’s edges perhaps.

Wintermute: Glad you liked the style!! We’ve done a lot of playing around with the style of the 3D models (toon rendering, different textures, shaders etc.) and i think there’s room to experiment more. I’ll try and do screengrabs of some of the models.

Phoenix: Cheers!!

And here’s a few character concepts:

The first two are obviously Milo and Chamille…

Cho is probably going to get a name change and be called Kym… Kym and Wheels are Milo’s friends. They have different methods of colourin’in… Kym will probably use something a bit more exciting than a brush and Wheels uses his …e rm… um… Wheels…


hehe ,nice


Chamme looks really funky… this game sure looks interesting judging from the art, hope the ingame graphics and gameplay can do it justice!


Very very cool stuff. I love Chamille :love: Looking forward to seeing more on this.


Just to avoid (or cause?) some confusion… i changed Cho’s name to Kym on the jpg… so the last couple of sentences of my last post might sound a little wierd…?

Thanks for the interest on these, it’s been fun working in this flat style. I’ve just done some box art for another game in illustrator and it was the first time i’d use illustrator in more than four years so i’m getting a bit of practice. I’m gonna try and do some Milo images in illustrator, although it would probably inhibit some of the quicker marks i can get with the eraser in photoshop… i think…

Here’s a couple more character concepts (photoshop 6.0 again):

Dr.Polymer is the big baddy… Milo’s Nemesis. He runs a multi-national paint company that is secretly mining the world of colour… He pretends to be a man, but is actually an octopus.

Turpentine is his daughter. She’s not nice either. They both want everything to be ‘grim’.

But Milo’s got other ideas…


Love this work Jonny.

Although I do agree you should put some rim light around his hair to stand out from the octopus in the background.

Maybe also move the chamille text down a little as it looks like it spells chamme against the black.

Nice work anyway. :slight_smile:

  • John


extremely cool stuff ! love them all, including the “bad” guys :slight_smile:


I’d never noticed that chamille could be misread… pretty dopey of me really.

i’ll change it and re-post it sometime over the next couple of hours!!


Here’s a new Chamille… with the name hopefully easier to read correctly… thanks Renszu and Hom!!

i might try and touch up the first image next week!! (sort out Milo’s hair and the octopus). I’m off on holiday in a few hours time… driving around a very rainy Wales in my VW camper, so i won’t have much chance of getting near a computer!!


Wicked!!! Love all the characters!!! the cover and the font reminds me a llittle bit of a poster I have seen before, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”. Very cool designs! I like it!


Heh, that cracks me up, I can see it in my head… trying to hide the 8 legs under his suit…
I can see where the grim image comes from… with those animals squirting black ink (though they can change colour just as chameleons).
Again, great stuff!


well I couldn’t find the edit post button, but the screenshots I found of the 3d models look pretty cool as well:


Very wacky looking style… in a good way. Sort of reminds me of a neo retro version of Viewtiful Joe

The Characters have that lovable quality to them as well. I already want to play the game.


They’re cool, really like Dr. Polymer.

Have to agree with Milo’s dark hair getting lost in that octopus though.



very funky, very cool and most of all great fun!! thanks for posting

cheers mate