Million Dollar baby, Fabrício Rodrigues Garcia (2D)


Title: Million Dollar baby
Name: Fabrício Rodrigues Garcia
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop

I´m done this image to celebrate this movie, that´s for me is one of the Bests! The digital painting was done with Photoshop CS3 and tablet Wacon Intous. All the work was 100% free of filter and pluguins, only using painting brushs.
I took 15 to acomplished all the work and it will be a pleasure to see some critics and coments about the result.



Olá Fabricio. Beautiful job! Light, colours & likeness will done.


I love how you pushed the caricatures. Also that his pants reach his chest! Lol. Great stuff!


Hey, Fabricio

Very well done. I watched this movie, and loved it too, Clint and Hilary are wonderful. And you caricature style too. The lighting is pretty incredible, as well as their faces and bodies.

Please, post those detail shots you posted on 3d4all, for everybody here to see.

All the best, my friend.


Great work!



great! really love the Clint !congratulations for the top row!!

Alex Oliver


cool… good job man… :thumbsup:
the caracthers are great.


Fantastic work…very lively and lighting is excellent :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
4 stars ****


this is really good…fantastic…:). and congratulations.


Ahahah you’re great! Five stars! :thumbsup:


And you did. Congrats on top row, man!


Nice work!
I really liked the movie and I must say that you nailed the likeness very well! :slight_smile:
I’ve always wanted to try out caricature, this certainly inspired me to try it out. Thanks! :buttrock:


nice job:thumbsup: it looks cool


Great job man, you´ve achieved a great atmosphere. Just one critic, in my opinion Hilary Swank´s caricature does not work as well as Clint. Anyway, it´s an amazing piece.

A lot of stars for you


Ready to go
Iggy pop
Dwarf before the battle


Hi, Fabrício. Congrats for the upper row attachment! It was really well deserved. The lightning on the skins is marvelous! All the best for you, friend.


it’s great mate! i really like it. especially the eastwood’s face ,the eyes, great. but maybe you can show the pressure that on the swank’s boxing gloves because of the rope, but just left hand
4* from me


Very nice - particularly your interpretaion of Eastwood - You really captured his look and attitude from the original movie still. Congrats on making the front page!


I have recently watched this movie :slight_smile:
great caricature :slight_smile:



Awesome work!!! :thumbsup:


Some details of the image for better visualization