Military airfield in the desert


Pardon my ignorance… is that a piece of the tail?

By the way… that’s beautiful!

Do you mind posting some wires?
It’s a great way for you to help me learn something…


Nice C-17 Winglet! They whole bird ith that level of detail is going to be awesome!

Following :slight_smile:



So… that’s only the tip of the wing?! OMG!!


Hi Alexey:

Been following this thread since I first joined CGSociety in Jan 2013, stand out pieces IMHO are the M1A1 Abrams and the characters/crew let me just say man… they’re mouth wateringly detailed to the max…

For me truly UHQ standalone examples too aspire to in fact on par with Andre’s mind blowing Mil Mi-24 Hind IMHO…

Anyways again just a fan saying hi, keep up the “off tha chain” work.

Cheers :wink:


Beautiful work Alexey. I am loving the amount of precision you are putting in you models. I hope you come back to your space project someday too. I too feel you could still improve much on that one.


Maybe some days I’ll make animation and interior render for demo-reel, but firstly I must improve my compose skills


Ye its just the tip :wink:

Great stuff poisk


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Loving that turbofan. Can you post a wireframe of it please?


Very nice and clean work!!


OH MY GOD!! :eek:
Everything you touch turns to gold!

Fantastic work!




mi-28 tail rotor.


Wow stunning detailing!

just out of curiosity, how long did it take to model and texturing the gun?


Thank you. It took about a week


mi-28n main rotor


Wow. Amazing skills.


amazing work here! I really like the rotor. Simply awesome


ротор хана! лизнул экран :slight_smile: finishing modeling on KA-50 rotor, can you share some of your UVing workflow please? using maya and arnold