Military airfield in the desert


I’d like to make a project with a lot of military equipment, depicting an unloading of military transport aircraft. The work will be with a lot of detail and comprises a number of models and cheracters.
The first model is Abrams tank.
Let’s start


Liking the model so far! Are there other parts to it or is it just the one shown? If so, you might want to rough out the complete model before adding the nice detail work you got going, because it will be easier to fix proportions on a rough model then something highly detailed…and your computer will thank you for that as well :wink:
As far as the idea you have about a military airfield in the desert, do you have any reference you are working from? Even rough sketching a top view of where vehicles, characters and structures will be placed is a very good time saver once you have some of these models finished :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff so far!


Love the details, but I agree with goatrape, it’s more easier to follow from simple forms to smaller parts. [b]

[/b][left]Awwwww…Just can’t wait to see more!:bounce:


agree to, you need to block the scene and your model shape first, then you go in details.

Anyway, It’s more encouraging to view a general lowpoly model and go deep in details.


I have some sketches, but I don’t want to show it naw, let it be intriguing
I’m going to make all models both highpoly and lowpoly.I think it will take a lot of time, but I’m willing to spend all my spare time on it.
I want to do a tank with people on it as in the picture I want to focus on that.

Сarefully read all your comments they are very useful.


Well, good luck to ya sir! Cant wait to see your progression :slight_smile:


I started from back part, couse I dislike to model this part of tanks.


looking good so far! great details on the back of the tank (even though it is something you do not like doing:) )


I hope you have a good computer… rendering time for a military field full of that detail will be a pain for your cumputer





This is very impressive :beer:


Thank you




Very nice modeling and amazing details, Aleksei. You picked a very ambitious project and I can hardly wait to see how it will turn out. Are you you using Maya for modeling? Also, I am curious on why you picked US military subjects. I find Russian tanks a bit more interesting, though C-17 is sure a great looking plane.
Anyway, good luck with your project, hope to see more from you soon.


I want to make very detailed models, but for Russian vehicles usually it’s difficult to find good references (my opinion). Moreover I want to make model of globemaster, I like that plane. I’m working in Max, z-brush, and may be I’ll make something in Maya. Likely I’ll make a render in Maya. After the tank I plan to make soldier, then globemaster and and so forth… All the models will be highly detailed in the high and lowpoly version. I’ll make texturing for lowpoly.
I always wanted to make Mi-24, but after Andre Cantarel it has no sense :frowning:
Military vehicle is my favorite object for modelling, that’s why here will be a lot of vehicles.
I make this topic for people who like detailed models.

many thanks all who follow this topic



Looks great so far, look forward to next update!