Mike's Demo Work


Alrighty… so I’m graduating soon and need some opinions on some of this stuff so I get it out the door and get hired by a bad @$$ company :slight_smile:

Here is some stuff I put out last quarter, I got a run, jump, and some acting done… but I’m working on a story right now… so check out what I have and leave some crits… Thanks :slight_smile:



Here is the mouse that I modeled for a story that I’m currently working on for my Demo Reel… lots and lots of work to go…


Here are some skinning tests, I’m currently skinning this character and hope to have some more work up soon… I’m considering the legs done for now, unless someone sees something that needs to be changed… this is my first character to skin, so I’m hoping for some crits on this… I know I’m going to be needing it… thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Leg Test 01

Leg Test 02

Leg Test 03


Alrighty… I’m looking for some help here… I have finished skinning the leg, and want to mirror it to the other side, so I don’t have to reskin the other side. Now everything appears to go fine, until I try mirroring it, when I follow the steps and click Paste Blue to Green Bone, or Paste Green to Blue Verts, the wrong verts get pasted, and those verts that I’m copying from get affected also… You can see in the image how not all the verts are pasted to the other side. Plus If I click on the bone that is supposed to be mirrored to, it is now controlling parts of the leg it is being mirrored from. If anyone know anything please help… or I’m going to have to skin the other leg all by itself to


Ok… I finished the initial skinning of Max, and did a quick walk cycle in less than an hour… I know it looks bad, but I wanted to see how the skin was doing…

There are a couple things I’ve seen that I need to fix, but I’m always open to yalls opinions in case yall find anything you find that I’ve not seen yet, I’ll be fixing this tonight, so enjoy till then :slight_smile:

Test Walk 01


Hey, there seems to bee something wrong with the area between the tail and his leg, everything else is coming together nicely, ow and i dunno if you solved the mirroring problem but increasing the mirror threshold might help


Yeah thanks, I’ve got the mirroring fix, still not sure exactly what was wrong with it but oh well… I’m dieing to work on the walk some more, but I’m stuck working right now, and have another project due Monday, ugh… school, never lets you do what you want to :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input on the tail, I kinda noticed that to… I’ll see what I can do about it, feel free to give more c & c.


Hey everyone, I’m going to be texturing this guy next week, and I really don’t have an idea of what to do for his texture, I’m not used to the mouse texture thing, lol… mostly done goblins and buildings and stuff, so please please pleaseeee… help me, throw me some ideas and all that good stuff…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Playing with some color ideas… not sure how much I like this one yet though, I want to try giving him some fur texture, but I don’t want it overdone or anything, cause I’m not going to have alot of time to work on it, and I don’t want to see it streching all over the place, let me know if you guys have any ideas :slight_smile:


I am no expert at all but I think that your work is totally cool!

Any tips for someone just starting out?? PM me if you can…



The easiest way to fake fur is making a fallof material. In both subslots use a stretched noise map. Make shure that the fallof map is set to parralel. Make the noise map that is visible on the edge lighter than the one inside. This gives your shader a furry look. You might add anistrophy for a nice shine.
Ive made a little example, its quick but shows the effect. You should add some small hairs here and there to make it look more real.
I hope this works for your model, good luck with it!



uh… I have no idea what you’re talking about dude, lol… it seems like a foreign language to me at the moment, and I’ve done texture before, lol… I’m working in Max right now, and none of what you just said sounds familiar at all, maybe you can help me out a little bit more, thanks dude… :shrug:


hehe sorry, ill explain a little more. In a new standard anistrophic material, take a fallof map as diffuse. Um maybe a picture of the material tree will help…


Ok… I think I get what you’re saying now, I’ll have to check that out later tonight and see if I can pull it off… I can’t do it quite right now, I have to finish my print portfolio before 2, so I’ve got a bit of work to get done, lol… Thanks alot :thumbsup:


Looking good mike. Post a pic of your story board.


Ok, I’ve been working on the texturing and I have this small problem I need some help with, Please Please Please… Ok here is the problem, I am using small texture maps and applying it to faces using a UVW Map so that the fur texture gets applied to each face and is an easy look for fur…

Now here’s the problem, when I render out the scene the faces point different ways, so in some areas the faces are horizontal and in others the faces are verticle, what I need to know, is what would be the best way to get all the faces going verticle so it looks like the fur is running down his entire body, thanks in advance… :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ve been doing some cloth tests this evening, and I’m having a hard time getting the cloth to settle the right way… I’m using Max, with reactor, and have been fiddling with this for a couple hours, but I can’t get the cloth to bounce less without it just sinking through the body, here’s once of the tests I’ve done so you can see what’s going on.

Cloth Test

Oh and I’m still having the problem above if anyone has a solution :slight_smile:


Hey, i dont know the solution to the texturing problem, but have you checked the scale of your model? Reactor works with realworld units, so if your character is very big it looks very strange.Anyway, maybe its easier to use the cloth plugin from discreet, it comes with max standard now and it should be downloadeble to anyone who hasnt got the newest max version. it works way better than reactor and it has all these preset clothmaterials, like cotton and wool. I am not shure if its free, i hope it is…

well, good luck


The uvw mapping issue your having is very strange, can you post more on what you did. Anyways, in response to the reactor cloth. Try setting your mass higher because the mass effects how the cloth will react to other objects in the scene, as well as messing with the damping, stiffness, and friction, but I think mass is the one you want to mess with more. I have posted a vid and a pic. the vid isnt fancy but I hope it helps you, and the pic are the settings I used for reactor to get the result of the vid.




Yeah… uh, when I modeled the guy I still didn’t really know about size in Max, so he’s freaking huge, I think a good sky scraper tall, lol…

Is there a way to reset the scale of the world, so that he’d be normal size, with out screwing up the rig or any of that, I’ve tried messing with it a bit, and it kept breaking my rig… maybe you know of another way…

As for the new Plugin, I’ll have to take a look at that, and see if I can grab a copy…

KC, I’ll post up some shots later tonight of what I did on the UVW Face mapping problem I’m having, hopefully you’ll know of a way to fix that, but the guy’s at Ritual and my work said they don’t know of a way, so I’m thinking I could be S.O.L… oh well… :shrug: