Mike "The Beast" Tyson - Sculpt in Blender (WIP)


I try to learn sculpt in Blender and this is my last result. Any suggestion, please let me know.



Speed sculpt


Skull - Sculpt, Texture, Open GL Render

Skull Turntable


First hand. It’s still WIP.


Next step sculpt WIP. Head have rotation.


Old Woman. It’s still WIP.


I made Anti Zombie Weapons for my new character. I work now and I try to fast update.


My another Anti Zombie Weapons.
I’m lost some details when I change image scale and I hope looks be better after I baking texture maps.


Next weapon to my collection:






Next Up: Try to finish Mike Tyson


Great work on Tyson, only the pores now, and i think the area where his eyebrowes go should be a little smother, other than that great. :buttrock:


@genesis max thank you! Next up.


Hey good work… A few tips on Tyson. Firstly, his eyebrow area is too harsh, you should always be careful with organic objects to not make them harsh or sharp. The cheek and laughline area needs to be flatter, I think it’s too ‘fat’ now. Also the ridge under the nose and above the mouth is slightly too apparent and too wide, and also I believe the lips should be a bit smaller. I think his cheeks are too wide and fat on the sides, and his jawline too narrow and small. Needs a bit more fat on the neck and a slightly wider jawline. :slight_smile: Hope it helps. Keep it up


Nice work man!


@Comar93 thank you. Any suggestion helps me to make better work. I try to finish Tyson and use all yours hints.


The eyebrow are great from the profile view but a bit harsh on the straight-on view.


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