Mike Feil - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


Okay peep and peepets;

My two ideas areeee;

  1. Mr Generi is peacefully standing and enjoying his morning cigeratte?/pipe. All of a sudden a gentle feeling of uneasiness begins to take over him, he slowly and reluctantly turns around, cringing at what might appear before him, and OMG the scariest thing he has ever seen in his entire life appears before him CUT his own reflection.

  2. Mr Generi is quietly basking in the day’s summer heat and is also checking out his latest manicure. Suddenly a massive uneasiness overwhelms him, something flashes behind him, he quickly spins around to see what it is, and OH MY GOD, HE HAS FORGOTTEN ABOUT
    A lone computer flashes “Animation Mentor: Now Open”
    Mr Generi quickly dives however before he even manages to get to his mouse it switches too “Animation Mentor:Now Closed”

anyway, a couple of ideas there. I think I might do the second one, I like to scare people. haha…what do you guys think?

good luck to all, and a storyboard will proceed verrry soon.


I personally love the first one! I actually laughed when reading that. If you manage to make him look really startled by his own reflection then it would rock!


argh!do the second one because the first one is VERY similar to what I wanted to do!


The weekend has come so I got some time to do a bit of a storyboard of my idea 2. Anyway hope it gives u a laugh, and if you have any ideas on how I might be able to make it better or something, then shoot!

The story goes:

  1. Mr Generi is enjoying his morning cigeratte, quite calm and totally oblivious to anything.
  2. A quick wave of uneasiness hits him, he senses something is wrong.
  3. He slowly turns around to see if anything is behind him, all that sits there is his flashing imac.
  4. He turns back (to the camera) and then quickly realises (double take) the reason for his discomfort, and begins to scream insanely.
  5. The imac flashes Animation Mentor : Register Now Open and almost instantly
    6 Animation Mentor : Register Now Closed



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