Mighty sprity WIP


Hi everybody,

I need some critics to improve my painting. Please, share your opinion :slight_smile:
Thanks !


awsome impresionistic style you got going on
Id say plant the figure more by adding shadows. You have good values Id say use more highlights and shadows to really create some drama and to make it really pop out


Thank you for your good advices, Optimus, i’m gonna tweak the shadows and lights :thumbsup:


Wow, Nice mood and a mighty rich scene.

> I agree about the shadows in need of tweaking. It would be nice to see the lights from the background intensified. And it would be good if the “roof” of the forrest cast leaf shadows onto everything below.

> I also suggest that you work on your water since it looks like hair. This is important because the water is what the eye of the viewer follows when looking at the image.

> Since you used the same brush on parts of the trees as you did on the water, they also look like grass or hair.

> You might also be able to put more emphasis on the character by shifting the perspective slightly to put him in the immediate foreground. Although, the way it is now, makes the environment seem more expansive. So it really depends on your intention.

> The stance of the little character could use minor tweaks.

[color=lime]> [/color]Nice environment, though. If you put in some more work, this will be an awesome painting.

I hope my critique is useful. Keep us posted.


Thank you very much jumbo_spaceman ! You’re critique is very interesting !
I don’t have the time actually to work again on this painting, but i’ll keep you posted the next time i’ll can do.
Thanks again:thumbsup:


hey nice pic ! sweet foresty thing ! nice entry for machineflesh contest too !

on comment side , not much to say , would maybe make mr gnome stand out
more then i would add another gnome that would blend like a chameleon to
the surroundings…hmm…gotta check if there’s one there already…


I like your pics!
The water and the grass are splendid
Great work man!


Thank you guys for your comments !!
Squibbit -> your machineflesh entry is very nice too !! I like your whales :applause:
Good luck in the voting !



I have worked a little bit on my paintings this evening, C&C are always welcome :


Nice lighting imoprovement. The forrest looks more alive. It might be a good idea not to make the rays so sharp, though.


Good range of color. But I think the water stream could use more blue ranges at the lower portion of each segment. Just a bit too white


Thanks guys ! I’m on to bring more tweaks :slight_smile:


very nice…it has the feeling of real paint…like you could wipe your hand through it!

kinda like the movie “What Dreams May Come” (if you have ever seen it)

really like it…definitely turn down the light rays.

overall a very good image…keep it up


Awesome, very intensive in my HO…

My crit is for detailing… there are some areas with ‘fast development’ that must go to ‘production quality’ if u know what i mean… other than that is cool…

the water needs attention… specially when meets the char…



wow… really lush environment. like the mood and lighting… but maybe you could give the painting some sort of a focus… like a focal point and start detailing it really nice and fade it out gradually… leading the eye back to the focal point… it’s awesome painting man… would love to see it when it’s finished…keep it up! :slight_smile:

-check out my modelling reel design wip- http://cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=158917
pls critique


Thank you guys for all your comments. That’s very helpful for me.
As i said before, i’ve not many time to work on it, but i’ll finish it one day, i hope.
Thanks again :slight_smile:


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